Saturday, May 27, 2017

Contour lips for a plumper pout!

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Contour those lips for a fuller, plumper look. Your lips thin naturally with age, but contouring can restore a little volume, visually. In fact, that was exactly what style icon Marilyn Monroe used to do. No, even she didn’t just swipe on red lipstick and go.

You’ll need a liner and lipstick in complementary shades, as well as concealer and a second lipstick a shade or two lighter than the first. Line your lips just slightly outside of the lip line – this doesn’t mean that you go outside of the mouth, but rather, right over the edge where there’s a slight ridge before the pigment of your lips begins. Now draw lines going inward toward the center of your mouth.  Using the dark lipstick, apply to the outer half of your lips. Carefully fill in the center with the second, lighter shade. Use a sponge or brush to blend the two shades together, making sure not to overlap the shades...just a gentle blur. Clean up the edges with concealer. Voilà – a plumper pout!  Beauty Care Choices has all the best in lipsticks & lip liners.

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