Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Add volume and texture to hairstyles with a toothbrush!

Braids can look great at any age. But many skip them because they hate how thin and limp their own looks. Here’s the truth – most braids don’t come out looking thick and artfully crafted right after you secure it. You have to give them a little extra attention.  Here's the trick:  pull at strands with a toothbrush to make them look more voluminous and lived in. After your braid is secured with pins or an elastic, gently run the toothbrush along each side of each link “against the grain”. If you need the braid even wider, just pull outward at the sides very gently. You’ll look more bohemian, and less schoolmarm. And of course, it looks like you have approximately 30% more hair than you really do.

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