Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring is coming...time to get those sandal-worth feet ready!

Don't you love it when spring arrives, when there are more sunny days than cloudy ones.  You just feel the re-birth all around you!  Of course, those means it's also time for boots and heavy footwear to move to the back of the closet and those lovely strappy and open-toe favorites to take center stage.  So let's get those feet ready!

Calluses on your feet form because of dry skin or too much friction on one area of the skin. They can cause discomfort and misery in addition to just being downright annoying and ugly . Here is how to get your skin soft and smooth again.

Soak your feet in warm/hot water for ten minutes. The skin should start to soften. You may add Epsom salts, bath oils, or even tea if you
like, but they're not necessary. 

Using a pumice stone or foot file, scrub your calluses. Be sure to periodically clean the stone or file. Do not overly scrub your feet/hands. 5 minutes is enough time. You want to slowly take down the callus over a month or so. If you begin to feel pain after you have removed a couple layers of skin, stop.  A good, gentle foot file is worth the investment...they last forever!

Wash your feet. Make sure that you clean off all of the dead skin.

Pat dry and rub lotion on your feet.  Use a thick foot lotion to hold in extra moisture. Lotions with Urea in them are particularly good.  If you are about to go to bed (which is a great time to do this), put on socks to hold in the moisture and lotion.

Repeat this entire process at the end of every week.

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