Monday, March 6, 2017

Purple - How it works!

Purple Shampoo???  Why??? There is no mystery to it, but there are many misconceptions about what purple shampoos and conditioners really do, so let's clear things up! 

Purple shampoo lightens hair!

FALSE:  There are no lightening elements, so that means no bleach.  (Trust me, you don't want to be using bleach on your hair every time you wash it.)

Purple shampoo removes brassy tones!

TRUE:  Most purple shampoos and conditioners use violet pigments to combat yellow and brassy tones on blonde, grey and white hair.  Look at the color wheel.   Because violets counteract yellow, they neutralize each other.  You can see that the deeper the violet shade, the more brass (yellow) tones it can remove.  When the brassy tones are eliminated, the hair is left looking more vibrant.  It's the best way to keep blonde hair looking fresh between salon visits.  And that's how you go from brassy to classy!

If your hair is blonde, grey or white, check out our PURPLE page for the best shampoos & conditioners.  Click here.

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