Thursday, March 9, 2017

Joico's Hair Shake makes Up-Do's easier!

We get asked all the time about Up-Do's!  What products to use and how to use them.  What you need for a great up-do is texture and grip.  Silky, clean hair slips easily through your fingers and pins don't hold as well.  What you want is a great texturizer - a powder or spray that gives your clean hair some lift without weight.  The video below is from Joico.  the stylist is using Hair adds both volume and movement with texture.  He shares with you the best way to use these products.  (P.S. - the style he creates is cute too!)


  1. This is acute hairstyle for summer for sure. Or anytime actually. I think I may can do this one also. I haven't tried this Joico product yet.

  2. Great style for summer , ive never tied the Joico product but have heard about it.


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