Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Healthy Beauty for your Pet

"Channeling the 80's"
Our dog...he's just the best...a snuggly best friend!  Our Cat...a lovable, independent character wrapped in fur.  We all love our pets.  Mine is a (almost) Yorkie, Elliot!  There's a mystery gene in him and a story, but I love him.  Keeping his long, curly hair clean when he loves to crawl under bushes and hide under the deck is tough work.  That's why I'm so happy Beauty Care Choices now has John Paul Pet.  These shampoos, wipes and conditioning sprays from Paul Mitchell are the best!  If you are not a pet owner, it may seem odd for a beauty care company to add a line of pet care, but if you're like me and have a pet like Elliot, then you know how I feel.  I especially love the Tea Tree Conditioning Spray.  Elliot and I struggle when I have to comb out a matte, but with just a spritz or two, we have much more success!  If you bathe your pet, check out John Paul Pet!

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