Friday, March 31, 2017

Easy Essie Nail Art & a Few Tips!

When I post a Nail Art video, I usually get comments about how the person loves it, but it never turns out right for them.  We'll I found a super simple one that only has you draw lines (and it's not necessary to paint straight or even lines).  Nail art really can be fun and simple if you remember few easy tips!

  • Always use a base coat and a top coat.  The top coat seals, but it also adds a glossy shine that makes even a squiggle look great!
  • Use one base color, and let it dry completely before you begin your design.
  • Use a thin paint brush for can always make a line thicker.
  • Have patience!  You'll get more skilled and creative with each manicure.  Start with just a line and/or a few polka dots on the pinkie!
  • Use colors you love!  You don't have to use the colors shown in the video unless you really want to.  Nail art is about creativity and fun!

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