Friday, March 31, 2017

Easy Essie Nail Art & a Few Tips!

When I post a Nail Art video, I usually get comments about how the person loves it, but it never turns out right for them.  We'll I found a super simple one that only has you draw lines (and it's not necessary to paint straight or even lines).  Nail art really can be fun and simple if you remember few easy tips!

  • Always use a base coat and a top coat.  The top coat seals, but it also adds a glossy shine that makes even a squiggle look great!
  • Use one base color, and let it dry completely before you begin your design.
  • Use a thin paint brush for can always make a line thicker.
  • Have patience!  You'll get more skilled and creative with each manicure.  Start with just a line and/or a few polka dots on the pinkie!
  • Use colors you love!  You don't have to use the colors shown in the video unless you really want to.  Nail art is about creativity and fun!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Esquire! New Men's Brand he'll love! Grooming is a complete line of hair care for men.  Formulated with proven ingredients to stimulate hair growth and exfoliate the scalp; all without harsh chemicals or parabens.  They have everything from shampoos to styling products and styling tools, all designed for masculine styling.  Even the packaging says "Man".   Take their Hand Brush Dryer.  It's a palm-fitting hair brush combined with a blow dryer, so it styles as it dries.  This totally cool product operates on a DC (battery) motor so it can go anywhere with him!  P.S. Think Father's Day. Paired with the 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash, it's all he needs

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Champion for Spring Color!

I love spring...for its colors and its brighter sun!  Just as nature adds brighter hues, so does fashion; and so can you with the new, magical Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain.  (Don't you love it when cosmetics can do double duty!) Get a burst of bright passionate pink, peach or red.  There's no need to worry about which shade is right for you either.  The magical part of these is they adjust themselves to create the perfect shade of color for you, blending to your skin tone. 

Begin with a dab of your favorite stain on the apples of your cheeks.  Using your fingertips, blend upward and out toward the temples.  Finish by applying the same shade to your lips.  You can add a touch of gloss for extra shine. 

P.S. Right now you can get an $8.00 sample of Just Kissed Red for FREE with the purchase of any Jane Iredale cosmetic, and as always, cosmetics ship for FREE! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Vegan alternatives in Beauty Care!

Want Vegan!  Beauty Care Choices has it!  If you are considering this option, or even if you have switched to vegan, the chart below will help you understand ingredients and give you alternatives to look for in your beauty products. There are many great hair and skin care vegan products that perform and  you will love, including Pureology, Surface, Pravana Nevo, Hempz and DermOrganic.

IngredientWhat it isVegan Alternatives
Amino AcidsThe building block of protein in all animals and plants.Oil Oil, Wheat Germ Oil. Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Almond Oil, Safflower Oil.
Arachidonic AcidA liquid unsaturated fatty acid that is found in liver, brain, glands, and fat of animals and humans. Generally isolated from animal liver.  Used in creams to soothe eczema and rashes.synthetics, aloe vera, tea tree oil, calendula ointment.
(Provitamin A) Beta Carotine
A pigment found in many animal tissues and in all plants.  Used as a coloring in cosmetics and in the manufacture of vitamin A.This is generally derived from plant products.
Cetyl AlcoholWax originally found in spermaceti from sperm whales or dolphins but now most often derived from petroleumvegetable cetyl alcohol (e.g., coconut), synthetic spermaceti
CollagenFibrous protein in vertebrates. Usually derived from animal tissue. Can't affect the skin's own collagen. An allergen. Alternatives: soy protein, almond oil, amla oil
Cysteine, L-Form.An amino acid from hair that can come from animals. Used in hair-care products and creams.plant sources.
Fatty AcidsCan be one or any mixture of liquid and solid acids such as caprylic, lauric, myristic, oleic, palmitic, and stearic. Used in bubble baths, lipsticks, soap, detergents, cosmetics, food. vegetable-derived acids, soy lecithin, safflower oil, bitter almond oil, sunflower oil, etc.
Fish ScalesUsed in shimmery makeupmica, rayon, synthetic pearl.
Glycerin. Glycerol.A byproduct of soap manufacture (normally uses animal fat). In cosmetics, foods, mouthwashes, chewing gum, toothpastes, soaps, ointments, medicines, lubricants, transmission and brake fluid, and plastics. Derivatives: Glycerides, Glyceryls, Glycreth-26, Polyglycerolvegetable glycerin (a byproduct of vegetable oil soap), derivatives of seaweed, petroleum.
Hyaluronic Acid.When animal-derived, a protein found in umbilical cords and the fluids around the joints. Used in cosmetics synthetic hyaluronic acid, plant oils.
Keratin.Protein from the ground-up horns, hooves, feathers, quills, and hair of various animals. In hair rinses, shampoos, permanent wave solutionsalmond oil, soy protein, amla oil (from the fruit of an Indian tree), human hair from salons. Rosemary and nettle give body and strand strength to hair.
Lactic AcidTypically derived from plants such as beets. When animal-derived, found in blood and muscle tissue.plant milk sugars, synthetics.
Lanolin. Lanolin Acids. Wool Fat. Wool Wax.A product of the oil glands of sheep, extracted from their wool. Used as an emollient in many skin-care products and cosmetics .) Derivatives: Aliphatic Alcohols, Cholesterin, Isopropyl Lanolate, Laneth, Lanogene, Lanolin Alcohols, Lanosterols, Sterols, Triterpene Alcoholsplant and vegetable oils.
Lipoids. Lipids.Fat and fat-like substances that are found in animals and plantsvegetable oils.
Milk ProteinHydrolyzed milk protein. From the milk of cows. In cosmetics, shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners,soy protein, other plant proteins
Myristic Acid. Organic acid typically derived from nut oils but occasionally of animal origin. Used in shampoos, creams, cosmetics.Derivatives: Isopropyl Myristate, Myristal Ether Sulfate, Myristyls, Oleyl Myristate. nut butters, oil of lovage, coconut oil, extract from seed kernels of nutmeg
Oleic Acid.Obtained from various animal and vegetable fats and oils. Usually obtained commercially from inedible tallow. (See Tallow.) In foods, soft soap, bar soap, permanent wave solutions, creams, nail polish, lipsticks, many other skin preparations. Derivatives: Oleyl Oleate, Oleyl Stearate. coconut oil.
Palmitic Acid.A fatty acid most commonly derived from palm oil but may be derived from animals as well. In shampoos, shaving soaps, creams. Derivatives: Palmitate, Palmitamine, Palmitamide. vegetable sources
Panthenol. Dexpanthenol. Vitamin B-Complex Factor. Provitamin B-5.Can come from animal or plant sources or synthetics. In shampoos, supplements, emollientsDerivative: Panthenylsynthetics, plants
Polypeptides.From animal protein. Used in cosmeticsplant proteins and enzymes.
Spermaceti. Cetyl Palmitate. Sperm Oil.Waxy oil originally derived from the sperm whale's head or from dolphins but now most often derived from petroleum.synthetic spermaceti, jojoba oil, and other vegetable emollients.
SqualeneOil from shark livers, etc. In cosmetics, moisturizers, hair dyes, surface-active agents.vegetable emollients such as olive oil, wheat germ oil, rice bran oil
Stearic AcidWhen animal-derived, a fat from cows, pigs, and sheep and from dogs and cats euthanized in animal shelters, etc. Derivatives: Stearamide, Stearamine, Stearates, Stearic Hydrazide, Stearone, Stearoxytrimethylsilane, Stearoyl Lactylic Acid, Stearyl Betaine, Stearyl Imidazoline. Stearic acid can be found in many vegetable fats, coconut, cocoa butter and shea butter
Stearyl Alcohol. SterolsA mixture of solid alcohols. Can be prepared from sperm whale oil.Derivates: Stearamine Oxide, Stearyl Acetate, Stearyl Caprylate, Stearyl Citrate, Stearyldimethyl Amine, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate, Stearyl Heptanoate, Stearyl Octanoate, Stearyl Stearateplant sources, vegetable stearic acid.
Urea. CarbamideTypically synthetic. When extracted from animals, it is excreted from urine and other bodily fluids.synthetics.

TIP: Want Softer, Smoother skin?

Every cell in your body needs water to stay healthy, and your skin cells are no different. A diet rich in plant-based foods will more than supply your daily need for water, ensuring all of your cells are happy and healthy. As your cells become engorged with water, they help to tone your skin and keep it looking smooth and wrinkle-free.  In addition, the various elements and minerals contained in various fruits and vegetables, like vitamin B in kale or vitamin C in oranges will help to keep your skin smooth and radiant.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tips to keep your nail polish from chipping!

You spend a couple of hours doing the perfect manicure and your polish looks great!  The next day you look at those beautiful nails and the polish has chipped off along the edge and looks like the picture.  It happens all the time!  Chipped polish looks worse than no polish, so you remove all your hard work and think "forget this!"   A couple of week's later you're giving it another try with the same results!  We've put together a few essential tips to help you keep your manicure in perfect condition.

  • Do not use cuticle oil or lotion before you start your manicure.  It moisturizes nail bed and slick, oily nail does not allow the polish to adhere correctly.  Yes, moisturizing is essential to hands and nails, but do it after your polish is set and completely dry.
  • Always use a dehydrator or a small amount of rubbing alcohol to wipe each nail and let the nail dry before applying a base coat.  This removes any oily residue on your nail.
  • Always use a base coat.  There are three reason this is essential.  (1) It keeps the polish color, especially dark, highly pigmented colors,  from staining nail.  (2) It add strength to the nail.  (3) It acts as a glue to help the polish adhere to the nail.
  • Do not use a top coat as the base coat.  Unless the product is specifically designed to do both, they are very different products.  The top coat is not the "glue" but is to make manicure smooth and shiny.
  • Always swipe your top coat along your free nail edge to seal the entire nail.
  • Wear protective gloves when using cleaning products or other chemicals.
Beauty Care Choices has all your manicure needs, including the best in top and base coats and over 500 polish colors.  Click here!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Time to change your skin care routine!

SPF is your BFF!  At least it should be.  Most of us don't really think about it during the winter months, but as we move our activities outdoors, we need to insure our skin is protected.  Even in the spring, when the sun is weaker than the hot summer months, it can still damage skin. 

An easy way to get this done is to change your foundation or BB cream to one that has an SPF of 15 or higher.  gloMinerals Tinted Primer has a SPF of 30.  Jane Iredale has a translucent Powder-Me Dry Sunscreen that also has an SPF of 30.  If you like something lighter, theBalm's BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer has an SPF of 18. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Make a Spring change!

Spring is a time of renewal.  Nature burst forth a kaleidoscope of color that has us feeling both joyful and restless.  It's also a great time to make a change in our beauty doesn't have to be dramatic (although that's always fun), but even a subtle change can have you feeling great and chase away the winter doldrums! 

The fashion runaways this year displayed 80's throwbacks, sweet romance and glitter filled party style.  Can you believe there were even shoulder pads and ruffles!  Here are some trending changes you can easily do.
  • Change your hair part.  This spring's style is a deep side part.  It implies boldness and strength. 
  • Go bold with one element of your make-up and keep the rest clean and minimal.  A Slash of yellow, red or green on the eyes.  A bright fuchsia or coral on the lips. 
  • Tighten up the braids.  Keep them sharp and precise.  Rub a bit of styling cream or a pomade/gel on your palms before braiding to keep strands together and add grip. 
  • Going partying!  Break of the lash glue, hair baubles and glitter.  Go a little wild with the style. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pomade - a styling product you can love!

Pomade is a hair styling product that has been used for decades to achieve many different hairstyles. Traditional pomades are oil based and very slick, but the more modern pomades are water based. It's easier to wash out and gives the hair a lighter hold.  They are slightly more expensive than oil based ones but allow you to restyle throughout the day.  Whether you have long or short hair,  want slick backed hair, shiny hair, messy but styled hair, or spiked up hair, pomade is a great styling product to achieve the look and have it last all day long.

  • A matte pomade has less shine and is best for hair that tends to get greasy quickly with pomade.
  • A sheen pomade has much more shine and would be good for someone with dry hair.
  • You can mix a matte pomade with a sheen pomade to create your own perfect balance.
More Choices:
If you’re new to using pomade, start with one that has a light hold. This will allow you to get a feel for how to style your hair and still allow you to change the style throughout the day.
  • Pomades that give a light hold are soft, and pomades that give a stronger hold are harder.
  • If you have thicker hair, you might want to opt for a medium or strong hold.
  • Try buying several different kinds of pomade to find the one that works best for your hair.
Applying Pomade

Wash your hair first; pomades adhere best to clean hair.  Apply pomade to towel dried but damp hair. This allows it to mix easily into your hair and looks much better when it dries.

A little pomade goes a long way, so start with a small amount.  Use your fingers to remove the pomade from the jar, then rub your fingers together to get it on all of your fingertips.  Run your fingers through your hair where you want the pomade.  Apply it evenly from just near the root to tips or just to the tips if that is where you need it.  Do not get the pomade on your scalp.  This makes it look greasy and is bad for the natural oils on your scalp.

Short hair spikes are achieved by applying pomade to the tips and using your thumb and fingers to gently pull the tips of your hair in the direction you want to spike it.  Just repeat this process until you've achieved the spiked look you want.

A messy look is perfected using pomade.  Apply using your fingertips, starting near the roots and pulling fingers to the tips of your hair; moving in an upward direction.  Then gently tousle your hair , move side to side and front to back. 

Create a slick backed look by combing hair first to remove all tangles.  Work the pomade into your hair and use your fingertips to move hair to wards the back of your head.  Repeat until all you hair is pointing to the back of your head.  Then use the palm of your hand to smooth you hair back, starting from near your hairline.

Use pomade on long hair to create lift and separate layers from others.  After separating the layers, apply the pomade to the underside of one layer, starting near the root and going down about 1 - 2 inches.  Carefully let your hair fall back down on your head and it should be a little lifted off of the layer beneath.

Pomade is also perfect for taming a ponytail or braid and keeping it neat throughout the day.  Stray hairs and fly-away frizz disappears.  You can also apply it lightly to the ends of your hair to hide split ends.

Find your perfect Pomade!  Click here.  Most professional hair care brands have a pomade in their styling line so you can find your pomade from your favorite brand.

Friday, March 17, 2017

And the winners are...

Ever wonder what products someone else uses to achieve a look you admire?  Looking for a new product to try for skin care or a new concealer?  What a great dry shampoo?  Well, BCC will  help you find just what you need.  The new "Reader's Choice 2016" Award Winners list is here.  How are these winners determined?  By sales and reviews.  Now you can see them all on the same page. Click here!  Some may already be your favorite and some may be new to you, but we guarantee you'll love them!

Beauty Care Choices has been selling the best professional beauty products on line since 2005.  We purchase our products direct from the manufacturer or authorized distributor (never "grey market") so our products are always fresh. Our customer service staff are all licensed cosmetologists, so you can get professional answers to any of your product questions.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring is coming...time to get those sandal-worth feet ready!

Don't you love it when spring arrives, when there are more sunny days than cloudy ones.  You just feel the re-birth all around you!  Of course, those means it's also time for boots and heavy footwear to move to the back of the closet and those lovely strappy and open-toe favorites to take center stage.  So let's get those feet ready!

Calluses on your feet form because of dry skin or too much friction on one area of the skin. They can cause discomfort and misery in addition to just being downright annoying and ugly . Here is how to get your skin soft and smooth again.

Soak your feet in warm/hot water for ten minutes. The skin should start to soften. You may add Epsom salts, bath oils, or even tea if you
like, but they're not necessary. 

Using a pumice stone or foot file, scrub your calluses. Be sure to periodically clean the stone or file. Do not overly scrub your feet/hands. 5 minutes is enough time. You want to slowly take down the callus over a month or so. If you begin to feel pain after you have removed a couple layers of skin, stop.  A good, gentle foot file is worth the investment...they last forever!

Wash your feet. Make sure that you clean off all of the dead skin.

Pat dry and rub lotion on your feet.  Use a thick foot lotion to hold in extra moisture. Lotions with Urea in them are particularly good.  If you are about to go to bed (which is a great time to do this), put on socks to hold in the moisture and lotion.

Repeat this entire process at the end of every week.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Fade out those dark spots!

Looking to fade dark spots, zap sun damage and even out the color of your skin overall?  Skin lightening creams do help.  Most products work in the same manner. They stop the enzyme that makes the cells that generate the color in your skin -- otherwise known as melanin. A few key ingredients can accomplish this: hydroquinone, arbutin, and kojic acid. Both YonKa Essential White Dark Spot Correcteur Cible and gloTherapeutics Lightening Serum work well.

Patience is key if you decide to try one of these products. They can be a bit pricey, so once you make the investment, stick with it!  Because of the life cycle of skin cells and the color-making process, you'll wait about 8 to 12 weeks before you begin to see a real difference.   Some doctors suggest using a retinoid product (such as Retin-A) along with the lightener to help speed things up.

The dark side, so to speak, to slathering on these creams -- particularly the strongest ones -- can be skin irritation and a greater risk of sunburn. So  use sunscreen (SPF 30) every day, even when it rains. Steroid creams such as hydrocortisone reduce inflammation and creams rich in antioxidants can help with irritation and protect your skin from further damage.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hide the Grey roots!

Never again have to let your roots been seen!  Hide those greys between salon visits. Touch-up used to be a messy business.  Not any more!  Keeping the greys concealed is as simple as applying hairspray.  L'OrĂ©al Professional video will show you just how easy!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Black & Gold...So Chic!

Some of the nail art designs are difficult for novice nail polishers, but this one very, very simple, and yet, so stunning!  If you're style is not Black & Gold, you could do a silver & red or a bronze & green or any other metallic color!  It's so easy to find the right color.  Just click to NAILS and then select the "Polish Color" option you want. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Joico's Hair Shake makes Up-Do's easier!

We get asked all the time about Up-Do's!  What products to use and how to use them.  What you need for a great up-do is texture and grip.  Silky, clean hair slips easily through your fingers and pins don't hold as well.  What you want is a great texturizer - a powder or spray that gives your clean hair some lift without weight.  The video below is from Joico.  the stylist is using Hair adds both volume and movement with texture.  He shares with you the best way to use these products.  (P.S. - the style he creates is cute too!)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sparkle & shine with this simple method!

There's nothing like a little glam to chase away the hum-drum winter blues.  This runway season, hairstyles have been glitzed up with glitter.  It's easy to do and the fun and style is only limited by your imagination.  Glitter is very inexpensive and comes in so many colors, your creativity is boundless!  The example below shows glitter applied to a part, but imagine it sparkling along a small strand, a braid or just the tips of the hair!  Best of all, you only need the glitter, a make-up brush and a clear hair gel!  Picture blonde hair with sparkling red tips or a brunette with a shimmering gold braid.  Gorgeous!  If you need gel, we have you here

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Healthy Beauty for your Pet

"Channeling the 80's"
Our dog...he's just the best...a snuggly best friend!  Our Cat...a lovable, independent character wrapped in fur.  We all love our pets.  Mine is a (almost) Yorkie, Elliot!  There's a mystery gene in him and a story, but I love him.  Keeping his long, curly hair clean when he loves to crawl under bushes and hide under the deck is tough work.  That's why I'm so happy Beauty Care Choices now has John Paul Pet.  These shampoos, wipes and conditioning sprays from Paul Mitchell are the best!  If you are not a pet owner, it may seem odd for a beauty care company to add a line of pet care, but if you're like me and have a pet like Elliot, then you know how I feel.  I especially love the Tea Tree Conditioning Spray.  Elliot and I struggle when I have to comb out a matte, but with just a spritz or two, we have much more success!  If you bathe your pet, check out John Paul Pet!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Purple - How it works!

Purple Shampoo???  Why??? There is no mystery to it, but there are many misconceptions about what purple shampoos and conditioners really do, so let's clear things up! 

Purple shampoo lightens hair!

FALSE:  There are no lightening elements, so that means no bleach.  (Trust me, you don't want to be using bleach on your hair every time you wash it.)

Purple shampoo removes brassy tones!

TRUE:  Most purple shampoos and conditioners use violet pigments to combat yellow and brassy tones on blonde, grey and white hair.  Look at the color wheel.   Because violets counteract yellow, they neutralize each other.  You can see that the deeper the violet shade, the more brass (yellow) tones it can remove.  When the brassy tones are eliminated, the hair is left looking more vibrant.  It's the best way to keep blonde hair looking fresh between salon visits.  And that's how you go from brassy to classy!

If your hair is blonde, grey or white, check out our PURPLE page for the best shampoos & conditioners.  Click here.