Friday, January 6, 2017

Give yourself a quick boost!

During this time of year, it is important to do little "pick-me-up" things to prevent those wintery, trapped-indoors, craving sunshine blues.  Whether it's splashing with your kids through the puddles, having a special "date" lunch with hubby or giving yourself a little change, it's usually just the ticket to cure that funk!

Hair color is always a perky little picker-upper.  Adding a subtle highlight or bright, bold splash can really lift your spirits (not to mention your hair).  There's no need to rush to your hairdresser or make a big commitment.  Today's temporary hair color products are gentle on hair, easy to apply and come in so many colors you could create a rainbow!

Color-boosting conditioners (great to perk up your color between visits to the salon) like Pravana's Nevo Color Enhancer Treatment or CHI's Ionic Color Illuminate Conditioner.  These are easy to use - just apply instead of your normal conditioner and leave in a minute or two - then rinse.  They come in normal hair colors and just enhance & brighten your color.

Want a little more!  Take a is, after all, temporary!  What does this means you can spray in a color that will last until you shampoo, like Joico's Instatint Temporary Color Shimmer Sprays or rinse in a color that lasts through a few shampoos - like L'OrĂ©al Hair Color Polish or Jerome Russell.

So spritz, paint or wash away the winter blues!  Take a chance! 
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  1. I've used the Joico Instatint and using stencils is an easy way to apply it.


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