Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Get Ultra Smooth, Shiny Hair

Love the look of sleek, shiny hair.  Follow the expert tips below for achieving ultra-smooth tresses.

PREP: The sleek look begins with your preparation.  Brush your dry hair before you shower, from the ends up.  Wet hair breaks more easily, leading to broken strands and flyaways in the shower.  Then shampoo only from the scalp to the mid-length of the hair to prevent over drying the ends.  Apply a smoothing conditioner (CHI Enviro Smoothing Conditioner is a great one) and use a wide-tooth comb to distribute it evenly through the hair.  Towel dry your hair by squeezing out the water...don't rub hair with a towel as it creates frizz. 

Apply a golf ball size heat-protecting mousse and layer in a shine oil.  If you don't have one, try Redken's Iron Shape Thermal Protecting Spray.  (P.S.  Right now it is on sale for $16.20 for the large 8.5 ounce size.)

BLOW DRY.  Using a nylon-bristle brush, wrap your hair flat to your head, going right to left and drag the bristles for tension as you dry.  Then go from left to right.  Once roots to mid-length are dry, pull the ends straight down with the brush and dry with a blast of cold for added shine.


  1. How does a blast of cold add shine?

  2. The cool air soothes and calms the heated hair faster than letting it cool naturally.

  3. Great tips! I have never tried a cool blast but I think I will do it.

  4. Ive never heard og giving your hair a blast of cool air, im going to try this tip for some shine,Thanks!


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