Thursday, December 14, 2017

Take a little "me" are worth it!

If you're like me, holiday preparations can leave you feeling a little Grinch-y!  Between shopping, decorating, baking, kids out of school, the job and the extra social events, you have very little "me" time...and that's NOT good.  So...get out the fragrant bath salts and scrubs and a deliciously scented candle and fill the tub with steaming, soothing water.  Today, give yourself a treat!  You've earned it!  Don't tell yourself you don't have time.  Don't let anything interfere.  Set aside an hour tonight.  Then relax away the season's stress.  It's my plan for tonight and I promise you it will be worth it!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Brrrrrrrr! Cold Weather changes you need to make to your beauty routine!

Winter can be a glorious, festive time of the year.  Snuggling on the couch in a cozy blanket with a warm cocoa or hot toddy and a great movie is just one of the wonderful perks of the cold season.  But, winter can bring challenges to your beauty care routine to keep your hair, skin and nails looking their best.  Take a few moments to read these tips...small changes that bring beautiful results.

Everyone's scalp dries out in the winter.  If you're finding flakes this time of the year, a weekly (or more often) dandruff shampoo should be your first change.  Be sure you get a quality shampoo that treats your hair kindly as it tackles the dry scalp.  Matrix Biolage ScalpSync is a great one.  If you like a sulfate-free shampoo, try Thermafuse Thermadan Sulfate-free Dandruff Relief.

Use a heavy-duty moisturizer from head-to-toe.  Apply it right after your shower or bath, while your skin is still damp to increase your moisture retention.  Even if your skin is normally fine, the dry, cold air of winter can have it feeling tight and itchy, so apply it every day.  Hempz Pure Hemp Ultra-hydrating Herbal Body Moisturizer or Cuccio Butter Blends (comes in 7 delightful scents).

Don't forget your lips.  The sensitive skin of your lip area needs extra protection at this time of year to avoid chapping and cracking.  If you already can feel it, it may be time for Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm.  If you want prevention, then LaLicious' Lip Butter is perfect!

Fight the frizz and fly-away strands.  Keeping your hair soft and silky during this time of year can be a little challenging, so applying an anti-frizz lotion or spray to your hair is essential.    Redken Frizz Dismiss Lotion Spray or OSIS+ Tame Wild Smoothing Anti-Frizz cream are both great!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Protect yourself & your hair!

How can you make sure you're not purchasing outdated, expired product? Here are some things to watch out for the next time you're looking for your favorite hair care product:

  • Differences in ingredients, instructions, and logo. No explanation needed. If you see anything questionable, or changes in ingredients, check with the manufacturer directly. They will advise you on any recent repackaging or reformulations. 
  • A barcode sticker. Counterfeited products will  have a stickered bar code  over the original barcode printed on the bottle. 

  • Dirty, dented, or sticky. More than likely, this little guy fell off a truck somewhere during shipment.
  • Missing batch code. If you see batch codes missing on the bottom, that’s another red flag.
  • Higher price or significantly reduced. We can understand why they would be marked down. However, you can bet if the price is 10x higher than what your salon sells it for then the product has recently been discontinued. 
  • Doesn’t work as well. If the product you bought doesn't smell or make your hair feel like it did when your stylist used it on your hair, then it's probably not the real deal.
You can always count on BeautyCareChoices to deliver quality, authentic products backed and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Want to feel a little Royal?

Ballet Slippers (a pale pink) by Essie is your ticket to royalty perfection when it comes to your nail color.  It's the only color choice of Queen Elizabeth II of England.  When she takes off the white gloves, on her nails, this timeless pale pink color is seen each time her job requires hand waving and hand shaking!   The stylish and always appropriate color has been around since 1982 and is delivered directly to Buckingham Palace!

Here in the good, ole USA, this color is so popular, 30 bottles are sold every hour (according to Essie).  This iconic color has been seen on the red carpet hands of stars, including Barbara Streisand, Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez.  Back in England, as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement, her nails were also a very subtle pink (no need for flashy nails with that engagement ring!).

Click here to get your own bottle, then...ready, set, paint ...
and begin to  practice your own Royal Wave!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

This History of Lipstick

Almost all of us have one. Most of us have 12, or at least here at Beauty Care Choices, we do. It goes from place to place with us, ready to help out any time of the day. It's our BFF, "best face fix". It's about three and a half inches long and comes in every color of the rainbow. Do you know what we are thinking of? It's LIPSTICK!! Do you know the history though? Where did this little bestie come from? Well, we have the answers!

Lipstick has been around since 2500 BC! The first know wearing of lipstick was by the men and women of ancient Mesopotamia. They would use precious gemstones on their lips, but not in the way we do today. The gemstones weren't adhered to their lips like jewelry but more used as an epidermis scratcher to cause bleeding. Then the gemstones would get lodged in the small scapes to reflect drying blood. Say hello to our first red lipstick.

Cleopatra brought more suitable lipstick into high society in her days as Queen, 51 - 30 BC. This Egyptian lipstick was made out of crushed bugs, dried clay, and seaweed. Occasionally, they added fish scales for a shimmery gloss.

Fast forward to the European Dark and Middle Ages, when lipstick enters its own dark age. The Catholic church had banned the use of lipstick due to thoughts of it being related to satanic rituals. This lead to lipstick only being worn by harlots. It wasn't until Queen Elizabeth I brought lipstick back into the hands of the rich and powerful. Her powder white face and stark red lips were admired by nobles everywhere. Though it didn't last and with the end of Queen Elizabeth I's reign, lipstick went back to being a signal of women of the night.

Fun Fact: This didn't mean that women didn't want 'naturally' bold lips. To get the color without the use of lipstick women were known to bite their own lips or rub them against anything bright in color.

In 1884, lipstick got its big break. A French cosmetic company called Guerlain started producing the first commercially sold lipstick. It was formulated with deer tallow, castor oil, and beeswax. They would wrap it in silk and it was to be applied with a brush. It wasn't until 1915 when Maurice Levy introduced the cylindrical tube that women really started snapping them up.

By the roaring 20's lipstick was here to stay for women of all classes. The actresses of silent films were what everyone wanted to look like. Actresses tended to wear dark color lipstick like brown, plums and deep reds, that stood out in the black and white films.  They focused on making a prominent cupid's bow, often with the use of stencils.

As the depression hit in the 1930s, lipstick was one of the few items women simply refused to give up. While the color schemes of deep plum and burgundy were still everywhere, the finish changed to matte for a more sophisticated look.
The 1940s are remembered by the wartime efforts of World War II. The war made many things scarce, or even unavailable, but lipstick was not one of them. The metal tubes had to be replaced with plastic or paper tubes but they were still in every woman's household. The color or the era was bright beautiful red. The government even backed the color because they thought it boosted morale.

By the 50s war was over and the lipstick industry was still growing. In fact, lipstick was gaining, even more popularity because style icons were starting to cross lines from films into magazines and back. People were drawn to emulate their signature looks.

1960 era was marked by a changing society. The world looked to Mother Earth for trends and out went bright red lips, despite red coming from bright clay and bugs in the beginning. In came browns, neutrals and the first popularization of lip gloss. Despite the trends being all about breaking the norms and away from traditional roles, lipstick was still a necessity.  Much the same can be said about the 70s. Lip Smackers were released in 1973 and was the first big step towards pushing makeup to the teen girl market.

Woman in the work force was the tone of the 1980s. This era shifted back into big and bold lips (and everything else). Makeup was often seen as war paint women wore into the office to let men know they are just as big of the working class and meant business.  The color schemes often matched with whatever outfit they were wearing to enhance the power dressing trends.

By 1990 the subculture of gothic and punk was making its way main stream. The bold of the 80s were out and the conservative style was in. These subcultures created a time of very interesting lip trends. Things like dark lip liner with lighter lipstick or matte browns and black was highly sought after. The 90s also brought along the first consumer need for natural and chemical free lipsticks.

Shimmery, glossy, shiny was all about the 2000's. Skin went from being pale and ghostly to spray tans galore. Glossy lips helped bring the beach casual look together so cosmetic makers listened. Every girl of every age carried lip gloss with them at all times. As the 00s turned into the 10s lipstick moved to be more self expressive than world-wide trends. Of course trends still arise like the Merlot trend or the matte trend but thanks to social media they change faster and more often.

We love our lipsticks, they are a part of our everyday life. They express our moods, conveying times of sultriness or sadness. They can provide a level of confidence to any woman. So here's to another wonderful 4000 years of lipstick!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Why Be a 10 When You Can Be a 15?!

The Super Heroes line from Schwarzkopf's Osis+ is beyond super-natural! Now, we remember when we had to have the "Ten" benefits in all our hair care products, well that's just so yesterday. The future is here and we've found a new favorite product with super-human hair power magic! The Super Versatile Miracle 15 can definitely perform up to any critic's standards. This unique styling balm is made with Silk Extract; giving it 15 magnificent benefits for preparation, styling and finishing for all hair types.

Super Versatile Miracle 15
Here are the 15 advantages to using this AMAZING product: 
1. Optimal care balance.
2. Moisturized hair feel
3. Helps prevent hair breakage
4. Instantly detangles
5. Sensational structure equalization
6. Delivers anti-static discipline
7. Heat protection (230°- 450°)
8. Mechanical damage protection
9. Helps to protect against UV exposure
10. Improves manageability
11. Light styling control
12. Creates silkiness
13. Up to 96 hours of anti-frizz control
14. Adds light texture
15. Adds shine

Just imagine how much money you're saving by switching to Miracle 15. As great as those "10" products were, you still had to purchase a few other items for results you get with this one! The Miracle 15 is one out of several other outstanding products in the new Osis+ Super Heroes line. They all deliver outlasting results when it comes to shape, hold, volume and jaw dropping transformations. To check out these other SUPER products click here.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Gorgeous AND Easy Holiday Nails!

Need a simple, but beautiful idea for your holiday nails.  This one is great!  Although it is shown in green and red, you could do yellow and brown for thanksgiving or do a silver and gold effect for any occasion.  We used Zoya Nail Polish in Ivanka (green) and Pixie Dust Oswin (red) and white.

Begin with a clear coat (or any very pale nude color) and paint the nail.  Let dry.

At the tip, paint on the red in a triangular shape with the base of the triangle being at the side of the nail.  Let dry.

Paint the green next, starting at the opposite side to where you started your red color.  Paint so it starts wide and narrows as it moves across the tip.  It should be very narrow at the far side from where you started.

Clean up the top edge by adding a stripe of white.  Then add a clear top coat to seal it all.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Little Tweaks for Professional Hair Styling Results

When your hair needs to look fresh and you need to get it done fast, here are some tiny changes to make to your styling routine for professional-level results!

Control Your Frizz - Whether you're wearing your curls down, up, pinned, braided, natural, or set, nothing puts the damper on a look more than an out-of-control frizzy hairline. Once you've arranged your ringlets exactly how you like them, don't forget to smooth your edges with a thick, matte pomade for a polished look.  Joico Matte Grip Texture Crème is perfect for this!

Prevent Creasing - Flatiron creases at the roots are the visible panty lines of hair. Avoid the hot-tool giveaway by clamping the iron in short sections near the scalp, and then running it continuously toward the ends.  Gently stretch a piece of hair so it's taut near the roots, start the flatiron as close to the scalp as possible, and work in quick, short clamps for a few inches until you can pull it to the ends in one shot. If there are any indents, lots of small presses will smooth them out better than one line.

Smooth out your Bangs - If you take a brush underneath your bangs and scoop them out and down, you'll get too much volume away from your head. Instead, to brush bangs down from the front while rolling them up to get a smooth blowout. This technique is also perfect for knocking out cowlicks.

Alternate Twists - Real talk for a minute: We all know at this point that no one actually wakes up with sexy, imperfect waves. The trick to getting that messy model-off-duty look is easier than you might think: When curling a piece of hair, wrap only the midsection around the iron. This is something the pros all do, but at-home-curling-iron-wielders often forget. Leaving out the roots and ends (and therefore keeping them straight) looks cooler and also takes way less time. Also, wrap the iron in different directions so hair goes toward and away from your face in a staggered pattern.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Shine this Holiday season with Gold!

You want to add a little extra oomph to your make-up for holiday parties?  Nothing shines the gold! The key is to add the touches in just the right places so your radiance is subtle, but stunning.

Add radiance to your eyes.  Jane Iredale's PurePressed Eyeshadow in Rose Gold.  Use it as the lid color or the under the brow gold, depending on how many shades you use to create your eyeshadow look.

Baring your shoulder's or your décolleté?  Spritz on Brocato's Shimmer Gold Spray.  The gold flecks ad a sexy shimmer.  Best of all, this spray won't hurt clothes (you can actually spray it on them!). 

Finish your lips with a touch of Cosmoholic Liquid Lipstick - Gold Digger.  Just a touch in the cupid's bow will provide your high-powered pouty lips with just the come hither festive look you want!

Finally your nails!  OPI's Rose Gold Nail Lacquer "Worth a Pretty Penne" looks festive, yet understated. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

An easy Autumn Nail Art that's fun to do!

Autumn is full of the bright hues of red, orange, gold and brown.  Twilight comes early, apples are crisp and leaves shimmer in the morning light.  Give your nails a touch of the fall season with this easy-to-do nail design.

1.  Paint nails a matte shade of white or ivory.  Let dry.  (Hint: using quick dry drops like Essie Quick-E or Zoya Fast Drops can really speed up the time you spend on manicures.)

2.  Using a black polish (or black nail pen), paint tree "branches" on a couple of nails of each hand.

3.  Pick out your best autumn color polishes...golds, browns, oranges, yellows or corals...and add dots (leaves) in various sizes in each color you've selected to each nail.  Make sure your brush has only a minimum amount of polish at the tip so colors don't run.  It's better to add a few at a time until you achieve the look you want.  (Hint:  a small, inexpensive paint brush, like from a child's watercolor set, makes great dots!  Just clean between colors.)

4.  Apply a clear top coat to seal! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Perfect Gift Exchange

The holiday season is full of parties, dinners, and gift exchanges. Gift exchanges can be so much fun with all of your friends but they can also be very hard to shop for. After all, there is usually a low spending limit that seems to buy less and less each year, the possible gift receivers range in taste, needs, and everything else in between and it's never any fun to end up the buyer of the gift people are begging to steal. Most gift exchanges end up being full of gift cards, while extremely practical, also how boring! No panic attacks though because Beauty Care Choices is here to take the stress of buying your next Secret Santa gift! We have tons of amazing gifts at all price ranges!
Only $24

We have lots of great hair care, skin care and nail sets priced under $25. One of our favorites for gift exchanges is the Paul Mitchell Love is Original kit. This set includes an original Awapuhi Shampoo, The Detangler, and a Flexible Style Sculpting Foam. This kit is perfect because after all everyone washes their hair (at least we hope they do) and Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner systems are ideal for both men and women. The moisture balancing formulas work wonders on hair types from thin to thick. These products hydrate lightly, tame fly-aways and detangle with no added weight. Plus this set come in a gorgeous, sleek and easy to wrap box!

Only $18
Gifts under $20 are a plenty this year. Whether your group needs beard stuff,nail stuff, hair stuff or skin stuff, there is a perfect gift for anyone! A top selling, and crowd favorite, set this year is Dermalogica's Double Cleanse Duo. Dermalogica is an industry standard when it comes to skin care. Their products are used, and beloved, in salons and spas world-wide including our own here in California! The Double Cleanse Duo makes a perfect gift because the products are great for every skin type! The duo contains a Special Cleansing Gel and a new Precleanse Balm. The Special Cleansing Gel has been a top product from Dermalogica for years proving that it is sure to never let your gift receiver down. The new Precleanse Balm is Dermalogica's most recent launch. It is a balm to oil precleanser to remove all topical impurities for a deeper, more through facial cleansing. This amazing duo is very limited though and sure to sell out fast!

Only $11.75
For those needing a gift under $15 we suggest checking out the MaskerAide WashBeautyCo Konjac Sponge in Bamboo Charcoal. At first glance this product may not look like much, but these amazing sponges have appeared in Allure, NewBeauty, BuzzFeed and so many other places. They are the perfect addition to the skin care addicts daily routine or a great single step cleansing for people with on the go constantly. People every where love them because they are just like skin care devices, the electronic cleaners, but with some added bonuses:
1) 100% Natural
2) Cost much less than traditional cleansing devices
3) Biodegradable, in fact, we recommend when you are done using it to throw it in your garden for nutrient rich compost.
4) Gentle on your skin while still being just as effective cleansers
5)Travel Ready with no tangling of cords or the need for adapters

Monday, November 20, 2017

Big, Beautiful Bombshell Hair : Leyla Milani Hair Care Product Review

 Follow along on my adventure to discover the secret hair weapons for big, beautiful bombshell hair created by Leyla Milani. From the Triple Threat Interchangeable Ceramic Curling Iron & Give It To Me Straight Flat Iron to the Hair Perfector Brushes, luxurious Hair Extensions & hair nourishing vitamins. Leyla Milani has the golden ticket to keep you feeling your most beautiful from the inside out. Her revolutionary hair products like Glossilocks Brilliant Shine Thermal Spray, Rescue Me Hair Mask & Big Hair Don't Care Boosting Powder are sure to elevate your senses, confidence and hair game. As a top beauty industry influencer, Philanthropist, Creator & Founder Leyla Milani has given women around the world the ability to achieve her signature bombshell hair at home. Here are the products I personally tested:

 Leyla Milani Beachy Volume & Texture Spray

  • A sea salt infused spray for mega volume & sexy texture, with a fresh ocean air scent & a unique formula that will give you that effortless Beachy look. 
  • DIRECTIONS: Spray on damp or dry hair, finger dry or let dry naturally, For more fullneness-defuse with heat. Works on wet hair to create volume, and dry hair for piecey texture.

Leyla Milani No H2o Volumizing Dry Shampoo

  • A unique dry powder spray that is the perfect solution to extend the life of your style with a tremendous renewing & refreshing effect that adds volume with a fresh scent & no white residue or heavy buildup.
  • DIRECTIONS: Start by brushing hair thoroughly, spray product evenly throughout hair. If you have greasy hair, apply more. Let the dry shampoo set in your hair for a few minutes to absorb the sebum, if hair is greasy may take a bit longer to set. Towel your hair until all the dry shampoo is absorbed. Brush again for beautifully de-greased hair then style as desired.

Leyla Milani Rescue Me Argan Oil Intense Hydrating Hair Mask

  • Infused with Shea Butter & softening Argan Oil, this intense mask is packed with everything you need to transform your tresses into lusciously luminous, silky smooth, touchable locks. 
  • DIRECTIONS: Apply a generous amount to towel dried, shampooed hair and comb the product through. Allow it to penetrate your hair for 5-10 minutes then rinse out. Use once weekly for best results and less frequently as your hair improves.

The Experience:

I'm always researching for the perfect product combinations to serve all my Beauty Warrior needs, from everyday to date nights, vacations and beyond. However, I go into these experiments with a healthy amount of skepticism, knowing that if I'm wrong then I genuinely have something to shout from the rooftops. So, imagine my awe the first time I saw Leyla Milani's real hair, in my wildest dreams I would never have thought my hair could become that luxurious. Even on my wedding day when I had a beautiful, vintage finger wave style professionally done it fell out and flattened long before pictures could be taken. That was a common occurrence with styling my hair and it was tragic, so I swore never again to go through those horrible hair blues.
I'm absolutely thrilled to report that no one has to go through that ever again! As I have achieved my best hair yet with Leyla Milani Hair products, let me walk you through my experience so you can understand how I changed styling my hair and why I chose to test those specific products.

My hair is a lot of work all the time, I have said it before and it's no less true now. If I don't heat style or plan to wear my natural curls with a bucket of products then it doesn't play nice.
So I began with the Rescue Me Hair Mask, after shampooing my hair I squeezed the excess water out and generously applied the baby pink cream, finger combing the product through to the ends. The smell was light and floral, much like fresh roses and the professional glide of the product was thorough. I could feel the Mask being absorbed by my hair as it swelled with the intense hydration, I left it in for 10 minutes on my first attempt. Immediately upon rinsing it out I noticed that the product had sealed itself around my hair, with the texture becoming extremely smooth down to the very tips. It actually felt like I had a protective barrier on my hair before I even stepped out of the shower. Which the tips of my hair tend to take the worst beating and products usually don't effect the way they look or feel, but this Mask really healed & sealed them for days on end. While my hair was damp I sprayed the Beachy Volume & Texture Spray all over then brushed it through. The spray had a wonderful ocean scent I noted before moving on to finger drying my waves-to-curls hair and the shine alone was incredible. My bangs dried flat for the first time since I cut them instead of their usual frizz ball. Normally I have to straighten excessively to tame this problem. Yet, I wore my hair down all day in those Beachy curls, during a rain storm and my hair never frizzed once. Not once! And by the way, I got my husband to try the Mask as well and he also loved it! It made his chest length, thick curly locks smooth & manageable like never before.
The next day I brushed my hair thoroughly then used the No H20 Volumizing Dry Shampoo to freshin up my roots and bangs, which this product had such a light & refreshing feeling. There was no residue at all, I let it sit for about 2 minutes to absorb excess oils then gave my natural curls a bigger boost by curling my hair with a 1" curling wand to go on a date with my husband. Each ringlet was voluminous and touchably soft, my hair had great bounce and looked healthy, shiny & voluptuous. I found that all night I couldn't stop touching my hair. Ladies stopped me in the restaurant and at the movie theater to ask about my hair. And I'm generally not the girl this happens to, it was incredible, so I told them the secret - Leyla Milani, ladies!
So I'm paying forward these fantastic beauty secrets because women should empower each other to feel their best. Stop stressing over your hair - Shop it & Love it, you know your a bombshell too. And lets start a beautiful conversation about this, comment down below.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Obsessed with this CHI 😍

So, CHI's Deep Brilliance line... AMAZING! We don't have enough words to describe how yummy these products smell. The scent reminds us of fruity pebbles with a hint of musk, similar to nag champa... We don't know, but whatever it is, it's delicious! The smell isn't overbearing at all, but sticks with you throughout the day, which we really like!

Why do we recommend using the Deep Brilliance Shine Serum Lightweight Leave-In Treatment to so many of our clients & customers?  This stuff is the bees-knees! Not only will this product leave your hair shiny and silky, but it doesn't make it feel or look greasy at all! It will eliminate flyaways too, without weighing your hair down, making it perfect for those with fine hair. Another plus is that this product is paraben free. We guarantee you'll not be disappointed with CHI's entire Deep Brilliance line.

The Deep Brilliance Optimum Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner smell just as amazing and performs above par with other leading hair care brands. We are more than impressed with the soft silky feel Deep Brilliance left our hair feeling and can't wait to hear what you think after giving it a try! Please leave us a review and let us know what you thought of CHI's Leave-In Treatment by clicking here.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Luxurious Holiday : L'ANZA Keratin Healing Holiday Gift Set Review

There is nothing like the feeling you get when taking a leap of faith with a new product line that actually makes a difference. Not just by improving your styling regimen but in the overall health of your hair for the everyday. 
For this little adventure, I'm going to walk you through my experience with the L'ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Holiday Gift Set. Let's review what these products actually do and for who they are meant for so you can understand why I choose them for myself, along with what hair care problem I needed to solve with this experiment:
This Gift Set features an unparalleled Keratin Oil powered Phyto IV complex infused with Abyssinian Flower Oil, Coffee Seed Oil, Acai Fruit Flower & Babassu Kernel Oil to repair damaged hair. L'anza has 6 additional options for this gift set while supplies last. Ideal for all hair
types & textures. Gift Set Includes:
  • Silken Shampoo ~ An ultra luxurious healing shampoo with a rich & creamy lather that replenishes vital Keratin proteins to restore hairs volume.
  • Silken Conditioner ~ A luscious healing conditioner that reconstructs the inner layers of the hair to add body & bounce while rehydrating so hair is soft & silky smooth.
  •  Hair Treatment ~ Builds body & strength with concentrated healing actives that replenishe optimal moisture while restoring elasticity & superior shine.
My hair is a lot of work all the time, I have fine wavy/curly hair but a ton of it and it's really long. Almost touches my lower back when straight, it's cut into long layers with thick side bangs. I'm naturally a golden blonde but I color it pitch black. It frizzes easily in humidity and when it rains, if I heat style too much it becomes brittle and breaks off. So I was in need of a new hair care line that would give me the ability to style it without feeling like I had just murdered my hair, while sorting out the damage I do by coloring it too.
 L'ANZA answered every hair care wish I had, I'm thrilled to report. Not only does it smell absolutely heavenly, which lasted for days, but this trio brought the life back into my hair literally. To my surprise, when I straightened my hair it was voluminous, silky soft & shiny not frizzy, dry or crunchy as I have experienced before with some products. When I wore my hair in my normal waves to curls style, the waves were smooth & the ringlets were really defined. This is truly a system that works hard for you, The Healing Hair Treatment alone felt like silk in my hands, not sticky and never greasy. I actually tried to put too much in to see what would happen and it just absorbed right to the tips. I have been using this system for two weeks straight now and my hair has never looked better & it has changed my hair game from flat to fierce. So, let us know what you think in the comments down below if you try any of these products!

This informational review was written by Beauty Care Choices staff member - Kristen.  She recently joined our team.  Kristen has learned a lot in her in her first few months with us...including her excitement at the amazing number and variety of professional hair care products available and how great a difference finding the right products for your hair type makes.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tri-Palette Perfection!

Step 1:
Apply an eye primer (we love glo Skin Beauty's Shadow Primer). A primer is essential for a smooth, long-lasting application.  A good primer acts as an adhesive for the shadow and helps intensify the color pigment. 

Step 2:
Dust the base color (the lightest shade in the palette) on your entire lid and up to the brow.

Step 3: Apply your lid color (the medium shade in your palette)  with a medium, flat shadow brush. For stronger pigment, pat it on until you reach the color intensity you want.

Step 4:
Apply the crease color (the darkest shade in the palette) to your crease and outer corner of the eyes. Blend it well, but gently, with a fluffy shadow brush, so the color transition between the lid and crease colors looks natural.

Step 5:
Take the base shade (lightest shade)  and apply it along the brow bone to finish the look.

Find just the right color palette for you.  See all of our eyeshadows, click here!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Staff Picks for Holiday Gifts

The holiday season has arrived! This year give your gift list an extraordinary touch. It can be very frustrating if someone in your family has hair or skin issues that are proving difficult to solve. So that's where being creative can genuinely come to the rescue. Making you the best kind of Santa, bringing beautiful solutions to every hair & skin problem. Explore these staff recommendations to bring you seasonal temptations:

~Baxter Better With Age Gift Set~

Specifically designed for Men's skin, formulated to renew while diminishing fine lines & wrinkles by keeping skin hydrated & moisturized to prevent dryness. Leaving your complexion nourished & revitalized for a healthy glow. Gift Set Includes:
  • Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream & 2 Custom Scotch Glasses. Cheers to the Holidays!
Throw in a bottle of Johnnie Walker Double Black Blended Scotch & you have yourself a gift he will always love & remember. 

   ~Hempz Bath & Body Triple Moisture Gift Set~

With a signature triple moisture formula fortified with an exclusive restorative complex to revive skin's healthy radiance while providing all day moisture with 100% pure natural Hemp Seed Oil & pure herbal extracts, along with carrying a heavenly aroma. THC free, 100 % Vegan, Gluten & Paraben Free. Hempz has 9 additional options for this gift set while supplies last. Gift Set Includes:
  • Herbal Whipped Body Wash, Herbal Whipped Body Creme & a FREE versatile beauty bag with zipper closure, great as a travel bag. Successfully giving the gift of the softest skin yet! 

 ~L'anza Healing Keratin Gift Set: A Luxe Holiday~

Featuring an unparalleled Keratin Oil powered Phyto IV complex infused with Abyssinian Flower Oil, Coffee Seed Oil, Acai Fruit Flower & Babassu Kernel Oil to repair damaged hair. L'anza has 6 additional options for this gift set while supplies last. Gift Set Includes:
  • Silken Shampoo ~ An ultra luxurious healing shampoo with a rich & creamy lather that replenishes vital Keratin proteins to restore hairs volume.
  • Silken Conditioner ~ A luscious healing conditioner that reconstructs the inner layers of the hair to add body & bounce while rehydrating so hair is soft & silky smooth.
  •  Hair Treatment ~ Builds body & strength with concentrated healing actives that replenishes optimal moisture while restoring elasticity & superior shine.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Double Cleansing and OCM? Tell me more!

Do you do double cleanse when you wash your face? Maybe we think it will dry out our skin or we just don't have the time for all that. But, if you answered no you're not alone. The fact of the matter is; double cleansing is a necessity, especially at night and especially if you wear make-up. We like to use oil-based cleansers or just plain oil to remove makeup, loosen up clogged pores and clear congested skin. One of our favorite products is Dermalogica's Precleanse.

Use code "DERMGIFT" at checkout
The oil cleansing method, or OCM for short, is a way of washing your skin using only an oil, some water, and a washcloth.OCM is the most simple and effective way to pre-cleanse your skin. The main difference between oil-based cleansers and oil (used in OCM) is emulsifiers. Emulsifiers found in oil-based cleansers allow the product to rinse off completely. Both are great for removing sunscreen, sebum, waterproof makeup, and environmental pollutants making sure your skin is prepped and ready to allow your cleanser to penetrate further for a professional cleaning. It is very important to massage the precleanse (or oil) into your skin in circular motions using your fingertips for at least 1 minute. The heat from your hands will warm both the oil and your skin which will allow your pores to release the debris and buildup; you will actually feel the oil starting to get gritty. Next use a bit of warm water, just enough to wet your fingertips and begin to massage again. If using a precleanse, the water will activate the emulsifiers and the product will start to lather. To remove simply use a warm washcloth. Your skin should feel super hydrated! You're now ready for your facial cleanser! For more information on choosing the cleanser best for your skin type click here.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Winter Skin Season is Here!

Many times we think of our skin as being dry when in reality it's just dehydrated. In this little blog, you will find tips on how to reduce redness, chapping, flaking and itching that many of us suffer from during winter months. Retaining moisture is key to having that naturally soft and glowing skin you've always wanted.

First and foremost we must stress, DO NOT TAKE SCALDING HOT SHOWERS. We know we know... we love a really hot shower during the winter BUT this is the worst thing we can do to our skin. We deplete our natural oils by opening the pores with hot water. At the very least, make sure you're washing your face with luke-warm water. Even reducing the number of times you take a super hot bath or shower will be extremely beneficial to your skin.

Next, moisturize while your skin is still damp. Immediately after cleansing your face, use a toner to balance your pH then apply your moisturizer. Its rehydration will ensure your skin is able to properly seal in that moisture. Knowing your skin type and choosing the correct moisturizer is also very important. Try to stay away from petroleum-based ingredients, as they will do more damage than good, especially during the colder months. Look for natural oils such as jojoba, chamomile, lavender and argan oil which are perfect for keeping your skin supple and moist.

Heating systems tend to dry out the air as well as our skin. Invest in a humidifier; your skin will thank you. We suggest putting one in your bedroom to hydrate while sleeping. And speaking of hydrate, make sure you're getting plenty of water throughout the day!

Follow these easy steps and you'll be on the road to dry skin recovery... you're welcome 😉
Don't forget, sharing is caring! What better holiday treat than to make sure your friends and family are free of dry, flaky and chapped skin too!  Check out some great gift ideas by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Filling the Stockings - #1

"The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care..."  It's a holiday tradition we've enjoyed since before our memories begin.  The excitement, the anticipation, the warnings to be good or you'll find coal in that stocking.  Filling stockings can be a BIG chore for Santa.  So, if you want to be a Santa's helper this year, we've got some great suggestions that we will be sharing with you.  Watch for upcoming "Filling the Stockings" articles, that can help you help Santa and thrill everyone on Christmas morning.  Our first is for the girl teen in your house.  Take a look.

A Wet Brush - $10 - detangles even wet hair with ease.

Luscious Revival Lip Scrub - $8 - so perfect for these chapping winter months.

Multi-color Bands from HairWare - $4 - little bands that are so useful for braids, ponytails and more!

Jerome Russell Go Bold Temporary Hair color - $7 - come on fun for her and it washes out easily.

Clean Logic Exfoliating Body Scrubber - $6 - gives her use after use of glowing skin.

It's Skin Fresh Face Mask - $4 - there are 10 different formulas, so you'll find the right one for her!


Santa Shopper Tip:  the easiest way to find Stocking Stuffer priced products, is to click on the type of product you want from the home, skin, cosmetics, nails, tools or men.  The when the next page comes up, sort by Price.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Skin Care Supplements...(or SuppleMENTAL)

To supplement or not? Over 2/3 of adults in the United States take at least one dietary supplement daily. Must be something we all need to start taking, right? But, then you hear how loosely the FDA regulates supplements in the US and many of them do absolutely nothing for us. This can be very misleading, confusing and frankly, it's enough to drive you crazy! This is why you can be a huge skeptic regarding the whole supplemental bandwagon.

Recently, Beauty Care Choices staff attended a class with one of our Jane Iredale representatives,  who came to introduce us to their new line of, wait for it..... SUPPLEMENTS.

"Here we go!" ... but education is huge with our salon and it's our job to stay up to date and knowledgeable about the products we sell. By the end of the class, we were onboard. Some of our staff are  currently taking the supplements and here's why:

The skin care supplements are not tested on animals, they are gluten-free, there is no added dairy, yeast, wheat, artificial flavorings or colors, GMO ingredients or soy! Here comes the kicker - the supplements are manufactured in the UK to certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) regulations. This is a big point in their favor. For more information on international GMPs click here.

So, what are the vitamin types and what do they do?   Skin Vitamin A contains vitamin A, with Vitamin D added.  Vitamin A is important for cell production and growth so it helps to regenerate firm and youthful skin.  It's the anti-aging formula!  Skin Antioxidant, made with seven super antioxidant phytonutrients from plants keeps your youthful skin longer.  Skin Omegas maintain your skin's integrity and healthy lipid is smooth & luminous.  Skin Complete combines the ingredients from Skin Antioxidant and Skin Vitamin A so you get the benefits of both in one capsule.  Skin Accumax is the way to go for clear, flawless skin naturally!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Holiday Nails - Idea #1

This Holiday Nail Art from OPI looks beautiful, but complicated.  Yet, as OPI shows you how, it is really easy...especially if you have the patience.  They used a red, white, and glitter silver, but you could just as easily make it brown, orange and yellow for Thanksgiving or red, green and gold glitter for a holiday look.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Toners - an essential for flawless complexion!

Your skin ain't what it used to be! There is, however, a  magical liquid called Toner. This product is absolutely amazing!  As you round the corner into your 30's and beyond, we all need all the help we can get.  Adding a toner to your daily regimen, you will actually notice very visible results over time. We all want to age like a fine wine! No more blemished complexion and flaky dry patches. Here are a few benefits, you may not have known, that will happen when you begin using a toner.

Toner balances pH and hydrates your skin. Some toners are humectants, acting as a bonding agent for your skin and moisturizer. Toners should be used directly after completely cleansing your face, this will set the stage for ultimate moisturization.

Toners Minimize the appearance of pores. Certain toners contain an acid that helps to speed up the natural exfoliation rate of your skin. By sloughing off these dead skin cells and allowing for new cellular growth, you're reducing the visibility of enlarged pores.

Toners Add protection. Toners protect your pores by removing minerals as well as chlorine that is found in tap water.

Toners Refresh skin. You can use it as a cleanser when your skin is oily or dirty, even when you're on the go. Tip: Put your toner in the refrigerator for a little pick me up or during hot summer months! Also, great for hot flashes, sunburns, and rashes!

Toners Even skin tone. Using a toner containing Rosehip oil will help reduce redness, even skin tone and is great for rosacea.

Toners Prevent ingrown hairs. Toners are not only super beneficial for your face, but all over your body.  Find a toner containing glycolic or other alpha hydroxy acids and you will be saying goodbye to those pesky ingrown hairs and shaving bumps!

So what are you waiting for?! Buy your new favorite beauty care product - a Toner - now by clicking here!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Brunette to Blonde...what to consider.

Thinking of going from brunette to are some tips to help you decide.  After all, brunette it you want to consider carefully before taking the step. 
1. Is blonde complementary to your eye color and skin tone?
The truest test is looking at childhood photos to see if you had any natural blonde in your hair when you were young—but if you didn't, that doesn't mean you can't try it now. Ultimately you're looking for a shade that will complement your coloring, keeping in mind that non-brassy, ashier blondes complement cool skin tones, while golden shades work better on warmer ones. It's also worth nothing that blonde can have an especially washed-out effect on yellow undertones.
2. Can you dedicate time and money to multiple appointments and at-home treatments?
Simply put: a transformation isn't going to happen overnight. Natural looking blonde hair may take several steps:  ​going from ​sombré ​to babylights to a whole head of highlights to the whole head.
Furthermore, ensuring your hair is healthy enough to keeping going lighter and lighter is another task in and of itself. ​"You need lots of moisturizing treatments in-between each service to help maintain healthy hair.  Hair masks are a non-negotiable part of the process.
3. Is your hair in healthy shape? Coloring damaged hair is about much more than just split ends or straw-like strands, it can affect the color itself and how it is absorbed in the hair. As a rule of thumb, you should always proceed with caution, but if your hair is in particularly bad shape (color, sun, or heat damage), perhaps wait until it's in better health to begin a blonde transformation.
4. Are you willing to cut down on hot tools? If we can't pry a 1-inch curling iron from your dead, cold hands, you're not the best candidate for a drastic color change. Because your hair is inherently suffering damage from going lighter, you're going to need to cut back on hot styling tools as they cause internal damage that weakens the protein cross-links. To use them wisely, keep them on lower temperature settings and always use a heat protectant to minimize damage/keep your color looking fresh.
5.  Are you prepared to also change some or all of your cosmetics?  The big change will also affect how your skin tone appears, the best color for your eyebrows, cheeks and lips.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A case of the frizzies?

Frizz comes from damaged hair ends, dried out hair, or static charge. Regardless of the cause, frizz happens when the cuticle layer of your hair is being raised instead of smoothed and sealed. Products labeled as anti-frizz contain waxes and oils that are specifically designed to coat the
hair shaft, allowing it to smooth out and seal, rather than fly up like a loose wire.

Anti-frizz products often contain silicones, which can be drying. The silicones allow the products to really stick to your hair and block external moisture from undoing what your anti-frizz did in the first place. So, if you use an anti-frizz product regularly, you may want to choose a shampoo that is more hydrating.

You can choose a variety of different kinds of anti-frizz products. They come in sprays, leave-in treatments, oils, and more. If you want some hold and styling boost, use an anti-frizz spray. Leave-in treatments are perfect if your hair already starts the day extremely dry. Oils are the best option if you want no added styling benefits and work best for coarse hair.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Make-up Removers

Last week we did an article on skin preparation and what order to apply your skin care products.  What we didn't talk about, was removing the make-up first.  Whether your beauty routine involves layers of primer, foundation and colors or it just a little mascara and lip gloss, when your day is done you need to remove the make-up.

First, you need to know that a make-up remover is essential.  Most cleansers won't remove the make-up thoroughly.  Make-up removers are made to break down the cosmetics, even those deep in the pores.  Second:  sleeping with makeup on can lead to acne breakouts, accelerate the aging process and make the skin look dull.

Choose the right type of make-up remover for your skin.  If you have rosacea or eczema, use a hypoallergenic fragrance-free makeup remover. Cream or liquid cleansers work well for individuals with sensitive skin. And if your skin is more tolerant, you will be better able to handle makeup remover cleansing cloths.  The most important thing when choosing the perfect makeup remover? Avoid those that contain alcohol, fragrances and preservatives whenever possible.

Eye makeup such as mascara is more stubborn to remove, especially when it’s waterproof.  It is very important to take all of your eye makeup off with a remover targeted for that area. Leftover mascara can lead to eye infections, discoloration and puffy eyes in the morning. Don’t just swipe on your eye makeup remover in haste. Place a cotton ball with remover over your lids, hold it for a minute to dissolve the product, and then wipe away. Do not rub the delicate under-eye area. Once the mascara comes off, face cleanser can be used in the next step.

Cleanse your face after using the make-up remover.  If you have oily or combination skin, use a cleanser or face wash with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. For dry skin, use a creamy, gentle cleanser or a foaming face wash that will not dry out the skin too much.

Massage gently with your fingertips in circular movements, and use lukewarm water and a facial sponge to deep cleanse.  Then RINSE, RINSE, RINSE.  Make sure you have rinsed away all traces of the remover and cleanser.  Leaving it one your face can clog pores and lead to dull skin and acne breakouts.

Beauty Care Choices has some of the very best removers.  Click here to find the right one for you.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Essie...turning corners & heads!

It's nail art time again.  This one is super easy and the look can be endlessly changed, depending on the two colors you choose!  Don't you just love Essie!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Prep your's your canvas for flawless make-up application

As the holiday's approach, and especially around Halloween, our face can take a beating from extra make-up, greasepaint from character creating and even from being just too dang tired to do a proper removal and wash as we fall into bed after a great party.  So, this seems the perfect time to do a reminder and education about face care.

What's the best way to avoid break-outs and create a smooth canvas for your make-up application?  It's preparing your skin correctly.  Preparing your skin means it is clean, pores are closed, dead skin is removed and new skin is moisturized.  It also means applying skin care products in the correct order to maximize the benefits of the products you are using.
  • Cleanse your skin.  Use a quality facial cleanser that won't strip your skin of its natural oils, but will clean deep down into the pores.  You don't need to scrub...a mild non-detergent cleanser with plant-derived surfactant will clean without harsh scrubbing that can irritate the sensitive skin of the face.   Malibu C Purifi Perfection or Clinical Care Green Stuff Facial Cleansing Gel are two good cleansers to try if you don't have one you are using.
  • Exfoliate. If you skin is looking tired and lackluster, it's time to also exfoliate!  A gentle facial exfoliator like BioElements Measured Micrograins or MaskerAid Konjac Sponge Bamboo Charcoal will get the job done; removing dead skin cells and leaving you with a bright, healthy glow.  Dry skin build-up on the surface of the skin can prevent moisturizers from penetrating.
  • Apply a toner.  A good toner will balance the natural pH of your skin and tighten pores.
  • The next step depends on the other product you use.  Apply in the following order:
    • Serums - apply anti-aging, wrinkle reducing or other serum.
    • Facial Oil - apply after the serum.
  • Apply your Moisturizer.  A rich moisturizer with the appropriate balance of ingredients that add and lock moisture in the winter will help to better retain your skin’s moisture and make it feel soft.  Apply moisturizer liberally to your skin. Do this in circular motion to encourage blood flow.  Need a good moisturizer?  Try Fruitique Coconut Water Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer or DermOrganics Daily Moisture Renewal.
  • Apply any skin treatment you are using (like acne products)