Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Achieving the "Wet-Look" Hair!

You see top models and celebs with these fabulous slicked-back wet-look styles.  So you think, I love that look and I'm going to try it.  Yet, you end up with a yucky, sticky mess!  You've tried your gel and hairspray and even a little hair oil, but can never quite pull it together.  Well, we're going to tell you how...a nd it is so simple.  Reach to the other side of the hair product aisle, to the traditionally men's grooming and grab the pomade.  Yup...that's it!

"Layrite is seriously phenomenal. It’s this old-school men’s pomade that slicks hair down beautifully without any flakes or crunch, and it washes out really easily,” says Kristin Ess, celebrity stylist.  The styling tip: dip a tint brush into the pomade and, section by section, painted it over the hair, making sure each strand of hair is totally saturated, so it will lay flat. That's it, nothing more. The pomade keeps everything in place until you wash it out; it’s amazing.

Have curly hair and want the look.  No problem, the coolest thing about pomade is it straightens your curls as you comb through it. 

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