Sunday, August 14, 2016

Who is he...and why do you care?

He's Leland Hirsch...Known as the “Pioneer” of modern professional hair color specialization, in the early 60’s, Leland was one of 
the very first colorists in the world, focused only on hair color. He was the voice and an advocate for the importance of departmentalized color departments in salons, establishing one of the first color departments 
and training multiple hair color specialists.  Leland is known by beauty editors as the legendary creative "godfather of hair color, the visionary pioneer, the scientific product development hair color authority.  Born into a family of chemists, Leland was involved with hair color at an early age. Throughout his career, he impacted change in the hair color category, creating a generation of specialists, all while following his mission to discover “what should be that is not.”  In 2000, Leland became the first hair color specialist to receive a North American Hairstyling Awards, the Lifetime Achievement Award (NAHA), from the Professional Beauty Association. Other NAHA recipients include hairdressers Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell and Horst Rechelbacher.

That's who he do you care?  You care because Beauty Care Choices now has his Celeb Luxury hair color products available to you.  If you color your hair, you will love Celeb Luxury.  And it doesn't matter what color!  For example, the Viral-Extreme Colorwash comes in Hot Pink, Purple, Teal and four other colors.  It adds color to your hair while cleansing to stop fade and wash out!  The Gem Lites Colorwash is for those less adventurous; with colors like brown diamond, ambers and sunstone.  Finally, there is Viral Pastel Colorwash in shades of lavender, light pink and baby blue!  All Colorwash colors get an even deeper look with consecutive washes.

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