Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gorgeous new shades from OPI

OPI has teamed up with Kerry Washington to create this collection and the colors are inspired by the great fashion houses. It contains 15 gorgeous creme polishes and all of the colors are perfect for autumn and winter. Three of them are limited edition - Kerry Blossom (purple shade), Inside the Isabelletway (a caramel color) and Liv in the Gray (a dark, really gorgeous grey).  A couple of favorites in this collection for me! 
"Suzi - the First Lady of Nails" is a green-grey sort of military shade (I know I will wear this on Veteran's Day! - maybe with an American flag decal on each index finger??). 

The other is a dark copper shade called "Yank my Doodle".  This extremely flattering color is one I will wear often - it's gorgeous yet soft enough to be subtle enough to be a "wear daily" shade.

Beauty Care Choices now has all of these colors ready for you.  (HINT:  Click here, then sort by "new" to find all of these shades quickly.)  What will your favorite(s) be.  Leave a comment and tell us!

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