Thursday, June 9, 2016

June Travel Series....Destination: Fab Resort!

Ahhh! The fabulous resort you've saved all year for!  Relax in style with a touch of glam!  You plan on doing nothing; just unwind, disconnect, maybe read a book and pamper yourself!  Of course, you end up doing more than that!  Maybe it's visiting a local vineyard or an historic site in a nearby town.  Maybe it's a horseback ride at sunset or even trying para-sailing or some other adventure you've always wanted to experience!  Well, go for it all!  But, first things first!  Be ready it some little products that can make your vacation even more than you dreamed!

Heading straight for the pool with a good book or some entertaining magazines.  It's your first day, so don't blind your fellow relaxers.  AMIR Touch of Tan Moisturizer is just the thing for your first day in the sun skin.  Let the Argan oil and Acai berry condition and smooth those winter legs while the lotion enhances your skin, gradually giving it that "sun-kissed" glow.

Of course, you want to come back from vacation looking totally, gorgeously tanned.  So, St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Tan Booster is what you need once your skin has had a few days to adjust to summer sun...or if your vacation is later in the summer when you've already got your glow on!

Now for the relax essentials!  Poolside or on your balcony, applying Florapy's Stress Relief Chamomile Patchouli Mask should be one of your first steps.  Florapy masks are made with a 100% coconut sheet that can hold 20x it weight in liquids.  It maximizes moisture intake.  The combination of chamomile and patchouli eases away stress and calms you.  Just leave it on for 15-20 minutes and feel the difference.  Florapy makes eight different masks. Check them all out!

Nothing says relax (or maybe even romance!) like scented candles.  Aqua de Soi makes the perfect candles to tuck away for your trip.  Each is in it's own little tin, has an exotic blend of scents and are 100% natural, food-grade kosher soy oil.  They are soot free and don't emit any harmful toxins.   So, when you're done with your day and relaxing it the hot tub, light a little Bamboo Rain, Sea Glass or Agave Blossom!

It's a Spa, right?  So what could be better than Spa Slippers by Flowery.  The 12 pack of disposable slippers have non-slip soles and come in a 12 pack of assorted colors for only $14.00!  Fun!  Match your swim wear, slip off to a massage.  You'll love them!

Of course, there is the night life at the resort too!  A great dinner, followed by a night of dancing under the stars!  What could be more fun or more romantic.  Youngblood Cosmetics Purely the Basics is a great space and time saver that gives you all you need for a flawless finish to your face.

Last, but not least, and something you may not really think of as a vacation "essential" if Tressa Watercolors Shampoo!  If you color your hair, you know what sun, pool chlorine and wind can do to your hair color.  With Watercolors you can keep your hair color fresh all vacation long!  Each time you wash your hair, enough color is deposited so your color remains vibrant and true.  13 shades means you'll have the right one!

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  1. I'm going to purchase the Tressa Watercolors Shampoo, my highlights look so dull after being out and the sun and the pool


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