Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June Travel Series....Desintation: Bright Lights, Big City!

If you're heading for the wonders of the big city, enjoy the sites and show your style!  Big cities offer a wealth of both day and night activities that can both thrill and exhaust you!  Whether you are heading for the glam of Hollywood, the history of Washington DC, an adventure in Miami, the extraordinary magic of New York City or the wonder that is Las Vegas, it seems like there is never enough time for everything.  You're on the take along some beauty essentials that will make you shine in the bright lights of the big city!

First in the bag is Pharamagel Professional Strength Travel Treatment!  This little kit (with TSA approved sizes) will keep your skin fresh and glowing!  When you travel, your skin takes a beating.  Changes in water, temperature, humidity, air quality and even the foods you eat, can take it's toll.  Pharmagel's kit includes a cleanser, toner, moisture cream and exfoliator....everything you need! 

During the day, as you explore the wonders of your chosen city, you need to be sure your SPF protected.  Jane Iredale's PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation has SPF20 and comes in 15 shades.  Carry this compact with you and "powder your nose" throughout the day.  Your face will thank you long after the vacation is just a great memory!

Three other essentials are small items that will take up little weight or room in your luggage, but that you will be so glad you packed.  First is the Flowery Disposable Mani Care Kit...nothing worse than a chipped nail!  If you need it...the Mani Kit is to the rescue!  Next up is LA Fresh Fragrance Free, Oil Free Face Cleansers.  Pack them in your purse and keep them handy for yourself and your kids.  Wiping hands or dirty faces seems like part of a vacation!   Finally, ToGoSpa's Ice Water Pads.  These little gems will revive your tired eyes and give you a fresh, wide awake feel....great after a late night on the town.

Speaking of the late night on the town.  Here's where you want to shine.  Break free from your normal beauty routine and add a little touch of glam to your style.  Two quick and easy ways to do it...I-Envy Juicy Volume lashes and Joico Instatintion Temporary Color Shimmer Sprays.  I-Envy Volume lashes are full, flattering and take just a minute to apply.  They make your eyes extratorinary!  You'll feel the glam.  Joico's Instatint's come in five shades - fiery coral, mermaid blue, orchid, pink and sapphire blue.  As you style your hair for the big night on the town, spray touches of's's fun...and it washes out easily!

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