Saturday, June 11, 2016

June Travel Series: Desination: Unknown!

Grab a plane, hop a train, take a road trip!  We've spent the last five days writing about great destinations and ideas for take-along products.  Hopefully, you've found at least a couple of great ideas or helpful products. 

But, what about those of you who haven't yet made plans or who like spur of the moment or last minute deals to determine your destination?  So totally fun and exciting!  We'll we've got that covered too!  Let's put together a "Go" bag...just a few essentials that are ready when you are!  You may love being spontaneous, but a little "ready for anything" preparedness will make it much easier.

So find a small tote and let's fill it!  First, on the outside, tape on a note that says "don't forget medications!"  I once had to turn around after 3 hours of driving because I did forget. It would have been worse if I had been on a plane.  So, if you need prescription medication, make it a big, bold note.

Next in the bag are the personal products and the SPF.  Dermalogica Defense Protection 50 Sport is a good one as it is both cares for your skin and has long-lasting protection. Plus it's 40 minutes water resistant.  And, since it seems everyone forgets the toothbrush...a Violife SlimSonic Destinations toothbrush is both fun and hygienic!

Now you need a brush, comb and travel sizes of your favorite hair care products - shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and styling products.  If your brand doesn't have the travel sizes, Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner are a great choice and come in 1.7 oz. sizes. DermOrganic has the perfect travel set with all TSA approved sizes of shampoo, conditioner, repair and leave-in in a zipper tote.  So does Moroccanoil with its Instant Boost Travel Essentials Kit. Keep you hair in order with Kenra Volume Spray 25, which comes in a 1.5 oz. size.

Amika has a great Dual-Voltage Travel Dryer kit.  Since you don't know where you might end up, this is just right for your go bag!

Now for the rest of the family!  If your adventure includes them, you can add Goldwell Dualsenses for Men Travel Bag.  You know he always forgets something or relies on you to pack, so be the grooming hero and have it ready.  Is your spontaneous adventure likely to include kids.  Then Original Spout's Travel Trio is also ready to go with it's soy, honey, peanut, dairy and gluten free products. 

Whatever you do this summer...whatever your final destination...have a wonderful, relaxing time!


  1. I once forgot my shoes, except for the pair that I was wearing! I had to buy a couple of pairs once I got to the hotel!

  2. I really like products that multi-task when I'm on vacation. Lipstick that can be used as blush, hair conditioner that can be used as shaving cream, etc.

  3. This is Me All the Way... I Have a Bunch of Plans but I Don't Even No What They are Yet! I Love Going Just About Anywhere & I'm Content, Plus I Just Don't Have the Money for a Big Vacation! I am Unfortunately Not Working at the Moment b/c I was in a Motorcycle Wreck and I Hurt My Neck & Back So Lately I Have Been Just Taking it Easy at Home! I Would Still Like to Make Maybe a Mini Vacation this Summer Though and If I Do I Will Definitely Be Checking Out Some of These Products You Recommended Above Especially the SPF b/c I'm About as White as it Gets! LOL! Well Thanks for All of Your Awesome Posts & Your Helpful Advice & Tips... They Are Greatly Appreciated! I Hope You Have a Safe & Happy Summer! Thanks & Have a Blessed Day Too! - Jana

  4. Hope you feel better soon Jana. Remember...a picnic lunch, a good book and a trip to the local park can be a "mini" vacation if you just relax and enjoy those few hours! BCC


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