Monday, June 6, 2016

June is Travel Essentials Month at BCC

Our guide to travel essentials has everything you need to care for your hair, skin, nails and make-up while you travel.  No matter your DESINATION, we have just the right products to take along with you. 

Planning a cruise?  Heading for the great outdoors?  Sight seeing the bright lights of the big city? Relaxing at a fab resort?  or is your destination unknown, but you want to be ready for anything?  The best vacations are those where a little pre-planning can go a long way toward making it memorable and truly relaxing!

Over the next five days, we have articles with product essential ideas for your perfect destination:  The Great Outdoors; Bright Lights, Big City; the Fab Resort; a Cruise and Destination Unknown!  Each has products you might not have thought of or have never seen, but will wonder why you never vacationed with them before!

You can see all of our DESTINATION travel guide products.  Click here!  If you want to take along travel sizes of your favorite products, we have them too! 


  1. This is great to km now when ever i travel

  2. We are planning a camping trip sometime this summer. It will be at a state or national park or maybe several, as we will probably turn it into a road trip.


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