Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Glowing skin! Your face is more youthful in one week!

Skin been looking a bit dull and tired lately?  It may be in need of a little extra special attention. A busy week full of family and work demands may make a adding a little to your skin care routine seem impossible, but I promise it will be worth it.  Worthwhile skin care results do not always have to require a ton of time. And, if you’re already cleansing and moisturizing daily – which, you really should be – then you may not be that far off from having beautiful, glowing skin. Just make a few simple changes to your skin care routine.

Change #1:  Magnify your skin cleansing efforts with a cleanser containing glycolic acid.  Glycolic acid is the smallest of the alpha hydroxyl acids and works to exfoliate dullness and impurities.  This improves skin tone, texture and clarity.  Your skin will be visibly brighter.  Products to try:  Yonka Essentials Lait Nettoyant or Fran Wilson Retinol X Anti-aging Cleanser.

Change #2:  Moisturize with a glow enhancer.  Regular hydration can help prevent skin-dryness, which causes skin to look dull and lackluster, as well as deter common signs of skin aging like fine lines and wrinkles.  If you also use one with an SPF, your skin will not only be radiant, but also protected.  Products to try:  Natural Finish Face Bronzer by Bodyography

Change #3:  This is the only step that requires a little more time!  Three nights a week, after cleansing and before moisturizing, add a clay mask to give your skin a boost.  Apply and leave on for 10 minutes and rinse away.  Then apply your moisturizer.  Clay masks detoxify and refine skin.  Products to try:  Malibu C Facial Masque Algae Clay or BioElements Restorative Clay.

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