Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cellulite...Minimize and Camoflage!

Swimsuit time!  There are a lots of things to love about summer, but the fact that your cellulite is on display is certainly not one of them.  The first time you don you suit for the summer is always the day you notice every little body flaw (both real and perceived).  And cellulite tops the list, and it sucks!  Cellulite is genetic, chances are if your Mom has it, you do too! 

Cheer up! 93% of women have cellulite, so you are not alone.  There are ways to minimize the bubbly look.  First and second are a healthy diet and regular exercise.  They are naturally tops on the "looking your best" of every beauty and health article. But, below, we have some other tips:

  • Massage your cellulite trouble spots.  Using a soap with little nubs or a nubby massager, this stimulates circulations and breaks up the fluids beneath your skin so it appears smoother. 
  • Use a ground coffee exfoliant.  Cosmopolitan  recommend LaLicious Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Coffee Scrub.  It works in two ways - massaging the scrub into the skin stimulates lymphatic drainage and coffee contains caffeine with temporarily tightens skin.  LaLicious also contains sweet almond oil to plump & hydrate the skin.
  • Use a Self-Tanner.  If you can't tone it, tan it!  There is no true cure for cellulite, the fastest fix to camouflage lumpy skin.  Slather it on to disguise your dimples in a flash!  Fake Bake's Lipo Bronze Self-Tan Lotion with Anti-Cellulite is perfect for this!

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