Thursday, June 2, 2016

A little rambling bunch of thoughts....

Oh Wow!  It is already June.  That means most of us have sat through at least one doesn't matter how proud you are...the speeches can be a little long winded!  You've probably also got at least one wedding invitation posted on your refrigerator! 

Well, at Beauty Care Choices, June is Travel Destinations Month!  As we all get ready for vacations, or at least dream of long weekend getaways, we have some great tips and ideas to keep you looking your best while you are on your adventure!  Starting June 6, we have a week long Travel Series coming, plus a great travel sizes giveaway and some terrific travel size sales.

Speaking of giveaways, Cindy A. won our Father's Day Box of Beauty giveaway. Yeah for her!  I'll know where she is from as soon as she responds to my e-mail telling her the good news.

So...get ready for some fun and relaxation as Beauty Care Choices takes you to great destinations!

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