Saturday, May 21, 2016

Two new favorites for my new hair style!

I'm growing my hair out and it's finally shoulder length.  Going from short to longer hair, I had to change up my styling routine.  I wanted it super easy, so went searching the warehouse.  BCC has over 240 brands, so it was a little daunting! I knew I wanted an easy morning routine!  Well I found it! 

I like to shower at bedtime.  I tell you this, because as you know, if you wash your hair at night, you end up having to do extra steps in the morning to make your hair look good.  But with my new style, that doesn't matter. 

First, I started using Pravana Nevo Moisture Rich shampoo and conditioner!  Love it!  Sulfate free, so it doesn't harm my color, very light for my fine hair and it smells terrific!  I wash my hair at night and let it air dry...another plus!  I just brush it straight!  Then, in the morning I just brush it out, spritz in a little Nevo Invisible Control Manipulator Mist (it has heat protectant and light hold) and use the Salon Tech SpinStyle Automatic Curling Iron!   It's the best!  Just set it on your head and push the right or left turn button.  It looks like it will tangle your hair into a mess.  It doesn't!  Loose or tight curls fast!  I do five or six "curl clumps."  Then,  I just finger style the cooled curls and I'm done!  Less than five minutes and my hair is done!

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