Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spring Make-up trends from the Runway

When it comes to makeup, most women fall into one of two categories. You're either a chameleon who changes her look every season or you're at peace with your tried-and-true shades.  Either way, if you're willing to give it a try, it's easy to arrive at a happy medium. We've listed some hot trends below.   Maybe you'll find an idea that works with your sensibilities, comfort level and routine.

Nude Face This look is obviously easier to pull off if your complexion is already in good shape. Just stay on top of your skin care regimen to minimize blemishes and fine lines. This look doesn't require you to ditch makeup altogether—just to cut back a bit. Start by applying a pearly pink-hued highlighter under your brow bones; it's a subtle-yet-instant perk-me-up. Then use a finishing powder that softens the way light reflects off your skin. You'll have a subtle glow, but it won't look like you're wearing anything.

Blue Eyes.  It's hard to even type the words "blue eye makeup" without cringing a bit, but spring is the perfect season to get over our unfounded prejudice against what can truly be a flattering look. Whether it's being used to line the eye or swipe across lids in a bold block of color, blue is big this season. The key to not looking like a disco queen or tween who's just starting to experiment with color, is to embrace modern shades like azure, aqua, cobalt, sapphire and keep all other makeup extremely minimal.

Purple Makeup. If embracing a blue-hued eye is too far out there for you, why not dip your toes into the color pond with a dusting of purple? There are varied enough shades to make it universally flattering, and the color has a less intimidating reputation. Try purple eyeliner along your top lash line. The trick with that is to consider your skin tone. If you're pale, go for a lavender. If your skin is darker, go for a mauve or plum. If you're going to embrace purple lipstick, be sure to forego any rosy blush and wear bronzer instead—you don't want to clash!

White Liner. Retro as it sounds, white eyeliner was everywhere on the spring runways. White eyeliner applied to the water line and/or inner corners of the eye is an instant brightener, and this season's hot look takes that effect a step further. Dust pearled shadow over lids for an ethereal, clean look; or tight-line your eyes in white for a striking, modern style.

Orange Lips. You've probably noticed that orange lips have been peering out at you from magazines and web sites for some time now. They are front and center in a BIG way for spring. If you're feeling hesitant or self-conscious, you can always work up to a full lip look by starting with a sheer lip gloss in an orange or peach shade.  But be careful if your teeth aren't so pearly white, orange-hued lipsticks can bring out the yellow in your smile.


  1. I really love this look but I wouldn't be able to get away with an orange lipstick.

  2. I wouldn't be able to pull off orange lipstick or white eyeliner.


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