Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Introducing Two New Brands! Flora-py & St. Tropez

Beauty Care Choices has added two skin care brands and, as usual, we want to share them with you.  Finding new products that meet your beauty care needs, that work well and that you love is always fun and exciting.  So take a look at these!

Flora-py is skin care masks with amazing botanicals in formulas that meet every need.  Each mask is individually packaged. 

The masks are made from 100% coconut fiber so they maximize the moisture penetration.  Masks include Stress Relief, Anti-aging, Sweet Dreams, Clear Complexion, Even Skin Tone, Detox and Deep Hydration.  So, pick one, put on some favorite soft music, close your eyes and relax for 15-20 minutes while a Flora-py mask performs its task! Tropez, the UK's top tanning brand is here for you.  No need to cover those wintery white legs when your first springtime shorts day arrives!  These tanning and self-tanning products are really the best!  No streaks.  Gone are the orange-y days of self-tanning.  There are formulas for light to medium bronzing and for medium to dark.  They come in lotions and foams and even an in-shower gradual tan lotion.  Shop St. Tropez!


  1. I'm curious about the Flora-py face masks to see if they work better or worse than other masks.

  2. I am so glad to see St Tropez. I know which one I am getting first, the in shower gradual tan lotion. Thanks.


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