Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vibrant hair colors without the risk!

If you've been watching all of the "trending" in hair color, you'll have noticed that nothing seems to be too much!  But if you're a little bit chicken about taking that kind of drastic step with your hair, why not try a temporary color (or multiple colors) first.  Babe Hair Chalk is a great choice. Whether you decide to make it permanent or not, you can have a lot of fun with your style. 

Below, we've made it easy with the step-by-step instructions for a great result.

  1. Prep your hair. Make sure to wet the hair first so the color will attach to it. However if you’re blonde, do not wet the hair before chalking unless you want the color to stay in longer.
  2. Apply the chalk to the strand of hair in a downward motion, twist the hair as you chalk. You can try for a fun hombre look, or just do a couple strands.
  3. Let it dry. You can blow-dry your hair, but we recommend air drying so that you don't blow off the chalk.
  4. Seal the color in with a flat iron or a curling iron to add waves. Apply hair spray as a final step.

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  1. How awesome! Great way to get add some fun without the long term commitment!


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