Thursday, January 28, 2016

Soft, kissable lips by Valentine's Day!

Our lips take a lot of abuse but we often forget to protect them like we do our other skin.  Lips have no oil or sweat glands and we are constantly exposing them to things that spicy foods, citric acids, hot drinks, etc.  Plus, during the winter we go from dry, heated air to cold frigid air and back.  We are also our own worst enemy to our lips when we "lick" our lips.  Saliva evaporates quickly, so while it may feel good, licking your lips can make them drier than before and the enzymes that help your saliva clean your mouth and digest good are much too harsh for your lips.

So what do you do if your lips are feeling dry or chapped to get them kiss-ably soft and keep them that way?  First, you should exfoliate your lip area once per week.  Don't use a harsh scrub.  There are gentle lip scrubs that are made just for this area. Jane Iredale's Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator and Plumper is a very good one.  It's a dual ended you get both products in one!  If your lips are aging a bit, give Instantly Ageless Sugar Lip Scrub by Jeunesse a try. It also helps diminish fine lines around the mouth.

Next, use a lip balm that has a base of beeswax, petroleum jelly or paraffin.  These seal in moisture and won't evaporate as quickly as thinner balms or glosses.  Use the balm often, expecially if you are out in the wind and cold.  Always apply it at bedtime!  If your lips are extremely irritated, aloe vera is great.  Don't forget the need for sunscreen even in winter!  Suavecito Lip Balm has a beeswax base and is only $3.00.  Another good beeswax based balm, Body Drench Lip Drench comes in six "flavors" ($4.00).

So...the plan for enticing lips by February 14...exfoliate each week and use lip balm each morning before applying lip color and each night at bedtime.  Use more often if your lips are feeling especially chapped or dry.  AND, no more licking your lips!

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  1. I use a balm on my dry lips but I didn't know I should apply it at night. Also didn't know about Jane Irdales products for lips


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