Sunday, December 13, 2015

Holiday Hair!

Okay...this holiday hairdo might be a bit much for you to tackle (although if you do, please send me a pix), but hair accessories add a festive touch to your style that is just right for the season. 

Any up-do needs a little touch - from a poinsettia pinned to the bun to a few jewels tucked in strategic places.  You can make your style fun or elegant just by the accessory you chose to add.  Even braiding a red or green ribbon through your tresses will add a little joy to your day!

 So, on your next trip to the dollar store, pick up a few holiday trinkets to glam up your style.  Beauty Care Choices has also added Pink Pewter White Label Headbands to their products.  These jeweled beauties are perfect for this season!


  1. I love to do my hair for the holidays. I am always looking for new items to use or easy ways to pull it up.

  2. Thanks for the giggle! I have grown my hair out finally, but still have a hard time styling it for special occasions. Perhaps just a pretty doo-dad is all I need!

  3. The top one is so much fun haha the bottom one is super pretty! I pretty much just brush my hair for Christmas and call it a day! :)


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