Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wearable Make-up for Fall

It can be daunting to keep up with trends and not make mistakes when purchasing fall make-up colors.  Below we've made it easy...a simple pallet with a fresh, fall look!
Select a violet eye shadow.  The best thing about purple, is there is a shade that works on every skin tone.  The trick is to avoid going too light - find one that pops!  How to: Prep lids with concealer to even out any discoloration and give shadow a base to stick to, then sweep a wash of purple from lash line to crease.  Create definition with a soft gray liner (trace across the upper lid as close to lashes as possible) and two coats of mascara.  
Go with "near nude" for the lips.  Try a blend of pink and brown...so it's subtle but not flat! How to: Line lips with a light-pink pencil to define, then shade in with lipstick. (If you haven't got a brown/pink, check out Youngblood's "Smolder" or  "Barely Nude") Top it off with a clear gloss at your cupid's bow and on the center of your bottom lip to make your lips appear fuller. 
Add a natural flush to your cheeks.  Match pink cheeks to your natural flush.  TIP: To find your exact-right hue, pinch skin—the color your cheek turns is your best blush.  How to: First, use one finger to trace down from the center of your eye and another to trace out from the tip of your nose. Starting where they intersect (the highest point of your cheek), gently apply blush, using a soft X-shaped motion.


  1. Purple is my favorite color so of course I am thrilled with your first tip! But how do I know when I've gone too dark with it? Thanks for everything!

  2. Nude lips are amazing for fall!

  3. Nude lips are amazing for fall!


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