Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day

Beauty Care Choices supports our Veterans through Eagle's Healing Nest.  In their words,

Eagle’s Healing Nest’s mission is to provide assistance with the healing of the invisible wounds of war carried by our service men and women…past, present, and future. Many of our military are struggling and need programs with a caring hand to assist them. Eagle's Healing Nest will help foster purpose and direction.Our service member's families, who also serve our Country, deserve the resources, support, and best treatment available. Eagle's Healing Nest provides this. Our Team at Eagle’s Healing Nest is here to ensure we do not lose another generation of veterans to homelessness, broken family units, or suicide. Our education on suicide prevention, substance abuse, dependency and treatment of PTSD, TBI and other disorders will only be the best.

This non-profit was started by one Mom who couldn't find help for her own returning-from-war son, Melony Butler.  It's amazing what a mother's desperation can accomplish.  Eagle's Healing Nest provides services, love and a "home" where they can heal with honor.  We are proud to support this organization.  Today, find a way to show your support for our veterans...then continue throughout the year.

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