Thursday, November 12, 2015

N.4 (Number Four) & So You Think You Can Dance

When you're watching your favorite TV show, do you ever wonder who does the hair and makeup and what they use.  The stylists on the so "So you think you can Dance" use N.4 exclusively!  Their lead stylist, Sallie Hotch, says "They are truly incredible products." 

This may not be a brand your familiar with.  They have four brand lines.
  • Fleurs de Temps to add volume and hydration and a very rich skin moisturizer.
  • Jour d'automne is styling products from blow dry spray to hair spray and mousse.
  • L'eau de Mare is intense hydration for your hair and body!  Perfect daily use!
  • Lumiere d'hiver deliver product to restore hair balance and incredible shine.

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