Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ally Answers....Make-up tricks to looking well rested (when you are not!)

I sometimes work a second job in the evenings to make ends meet, but it will leave me looking pretty haggard the next morning.  Do you have any tricks besides concealer?  Patti, Bush, MT

Ally:  I do have a couple of tricks you might try. 
1. Avoid piling on the foundation.  Instead use a tinted moisturizer to brighten the skin.  Then use a beige eye pencil - it will help counteract redness around your eyes.
2.  Use a warm pink lipstick.  It distracts people's eyes from other facial imperfections.
3.  Use a cream eye shadow and blush instead of a powder (which tends to accumulate in those small lack-of-sleep wrinkles. 

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  1. I know I can use these tips most all of the time. I have dark circles under my eyes that have gotten worse with age regardless of the amount of sleep I get. Therefore I will definitely try these.


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