Friday, September 18, 2015

Ally Answers - Best Beauty Tips

Would you share you best beauty tips?  Tiffany S.

Ally:  I  am very happy to!

HAIR:  I do a once a week deep treatment.  I color my hair and heat style it every day so it needs help and needs a break.  My day is Sunday morning (once I drag myself out of bed).  I do the deep treatment (I use Joico K-Pak), then wash my hair and let it dry naturally (unless I really have somewhere to be).

FACE: I have two rules for my face.  (1)  Never leave make-up on over night. I keep make-up remover towelettes in my purse and in my nightstand.  Skin needs to breathe and rest while you do.  Leaving make-up on is just asking for trouble.  (2) Always moisturize in the morning with a product than contains a minimum SPF 15.  I've seen the ravages of time the sun can take on a person's face!

SKIN:  Moisturize daily after the shower and exfoliate once a week.  All your skin needs the benefits!

NAILS:  I consider nails a fashion accessory!  So I spend my Sunday morning (while I'm conditioning) on a manicure - shaping, polishing and I try to be creative!  I enjoy nail art!

OVERALL:  The most important beauty tip of all - drink lots of water, get 8 hours sleep daily, eat healthy, exercise and avoid stress.  If you do these, you will be beautiful naturally!  Being healthy is essential to natural beauty.

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