Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Strenghtening brittle, constantly breaking nails.

If your nails are constantly breaking and brittle, here's a regimen you can follow to repair and strengthen your nails.  Give it about 8 weeks to see great results, but you will start noticing the difference pretty quickly!  Brittle nails need a combination of hydration, protection and strengthening. 

Hydration comes from the regular use of a good cuticle oil.  Be faithful to this step.  Do it at least three times per day.  Nailtiques has Cuticle Care Oil with a rollerball applicator so it can be rolled on quickly and then use your finger tips to massage into the nail, cuticle and surrounding skin. OPI AvoPlex Oil To-Go Pen is also makes it easy to do this step frequently and on the go. Cuticle oil penetrates through the nail plate which helps to create flexibility within the nail, making it less likely they will break.

Protection is as simple as wearing gloves when your hands are busy with cleaning chemicals or doing dishes or interacting with water. 

Strength comes from regular application of a fortifying, strengthening nail treatment.  It should be applied with your weekly manicure.  Whether you have them done in a salon or do it yourself, a weekly file and shape (try Flowery) is essential.  Then apply the treatment before applying the polish or wear it alone.  SpaRitual Protein Boost Strengthening Treatment or NailTek Hydration #3 are both great choices!

Just think, if you start now, you will have gorgeous nails when serving that Turkey dinner!


  1. If I don't start, I def won't have pretty nails serving dinner. After a long, hard summer mine look horrible. I don't use oil regularly because I always found it messy. So glad to see a couple of easy to apply methods!

  2. my nails are so weak, even prenatal vitamins didn't help tham

  3. I so need this oil for my cuticles! Thank You for all the tips to strengthen my nails and what to buy!

  4. I did not know that nails needed to be hydrated so often. Thanks for the good tips.


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