Friday, September 4, 2015

Diamond Glow Dry!

Redken has just introduced a new product that some of you are going to love.  It's Diamond Glow Dry, a super lightweight oil that will add shine, manageability and softening.  Why will some love it?  Because it is a cosmetic oil as opposed to a treatment oil.  Treatment oils penetrate the hair strand, i.e. they add strength, shine and care.  They are used when hair is damaged.  The new Glow Dry is a cosmetic oil.  It's stays on the surface of the hair and is perfect to keep fly-aways, frizz and unruly hair manageable, soft and add great shine. Transforming silicones evaporate when heat is applied so blow dry times are faster too! 

To use:  Put a drop or two in your hands and rub hands together then through your hair right after your conditioner.  Then, once it is styled, apply a single drop to your hands, rub together and smooth through.  Shine is intensified!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love Redken! I bet this stuff is great. And I love the packaging!!

  2. Sounds fabulous! Excited to try it!

  3. Interesting concept - I'd love to see if it works as promoted.


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