Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nail Art you can do yourself! Try these gorgeous nails.

You will need three nail lacquer colors.  In this example, we used a light blue, dark blue and a pink.  You will also need a fan brush.

Start with a base coat of your lightest shade and let dry.

Next, drip your fan brush tips in your second color a gently brush across the nail.

Wipe off the fan brush, the dip in the second color and again brush that color lightly over the nail.  Let dry

Apply a clear top coat.


  1. Awesome tutorial!!! I'm going to try this!!!

  2. You are right, I may could do this one myself. I am not artistic when it comes to my nails. I just apply polish. Thanks for a great tutorial.

  3. This looks so easy and the effect is fantastic!

  4. I love that design on your nails

  5. That is a great design, you are really creative!


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