Thursday, September 3, 2015

More Fall Colors...this time from Zoya

In the past couple of weeks we've shown you Morgan Taylor's Urban Cowgirl fall selection, Essie's bright bold fall collection and now here's Zoya's. 

Beauty Care Choices carries Nail Polish/Lacquer from Zoya, Morgan Taylor, Venique, OPI, Nailtiques and Essie.  All together there are over 500 colors available.  If you are looking for that special certain color, then this is where you go!  No one else has that many choices. to see them all!

A little fact about nail polish/lacquer: Nail polish is used by most women across the world. It is not simply paint as applying paint done on wood or an automobile would be hazardous for human beings. Nail Polish was invented thousands of years ago in China to provide shine and color to the nails using different products such as egg white, wax, vegetable dyes etc. The shade of the nail polish signified the status of the person, with a darker shade implying a higher status in the society. Soon the use of nail polish spread to other parts of the world with queens of Egypt using it to feel beautiful and attractive.  

Only recently has the term Nail Lacquer been used.  It is a quick drying liquid formation containing pigments to leave a coating on the nail that is not only protective in nature but also provides a sheen and the shade that makes nails look extremely beautiful. The main ingredient that acts like a thin film on the nails after drying is nitrocellulose. Resins and plasticizers are added to this nitrocellulose to make it resistant to water and soap. Color or pigments are added to this mixture to come up with the nail lacquer.  Today there is no difference between polish, lacquer and a third term used...nail enamel. 


  1. This is such an awesome and interesting post. I had no idea that women have used nail "polish" for thousands of years. I would love to learn more about the processes they used. Very cool. As is the process we use today. I have used Zoya with great results. I love the Fall colors for this year.

  2. I never knew the differences between the nail polish types, so thanks for the post!

  3. I would love to have all of these colors for all year use.


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