Friday, September 11, 2015

Exfoliate! for a glowing, healthy, radiant face!

Your skin renews itself about every 30 days.  If the old cells remain on the skin's surface and build-up they can make skin appear dull, flat and scaling.  They can also cause blemishes.  Exfoliating regularly can help skin retain a more youthful appearance and healthy glow.  Exfoliating is even more critical as the weather gets colder and the humidity levels drop.  More cells dry out and accumulate on the surface.  The exfoliating process will remove these dead cells and uncover smooth, fresh skin.
Regular exfoliation will also help your skin more readily absorb your other skin care products.

While drug store brands may work for you, a good professional skin care product has other (and often more gentle) ingredients that work to combat wrinkles, moisturize and re-balance the skin as well.  Below we've included some recommendations depending on your skin type.  You can use a masque or scrub. Products that include both mechanical exfoliation (crystals or beads) and chemical exfoliation work best. Once a week on the facial area is good for most people.

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  1. My skin tends to be dry, so exfoliating helps tremendously.


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