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Choosing the right shade of Nail Polish for your skin tone.

Unless you are a fashionista when it comes to your nails and polish, then you're like most women and have to make a tough decision during your weekly manicure...choosing a single polish color.  So, to help you in making this momentous decision, we've gathered together some tips to help insure you will like the color for the whole week! 
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Light Skin Tones.
The trick with pale skin tones are finding polish shades that compliment, rather than compete with or wash out your fair complexion.
  • Nude: Nude polishes constantly top the most popular lacquer lists, but picking out the right nude for you is definitely a trial-and-error process. Try a sheer pinkish nude rather than a beige that could show up yellow on you.
  • Red: Go for a classic color, like the red on the bottom of Christian Louboutin’s iconic shoes. It’s a color that will flatter everyone, even those with light skin tones. When shopping, though, make sure to hold your red polish up to the light. If you can see through it, you know it’s going to be sheer.  Going for a clean and cool blue-toned red will make the most of pale complexions.
  • Pink: When it comes to pinks, those with light skin tones have a ton of options. Fair skin can totally rock both sheer pinks or super bright fuchsias  with cool undertones.
  • Purple: Pastel lavenders look amazing, but to be wary of how much white the color has in it. Generally, you want to make sure it won’t look more white than lilac when it’s sitting against your skin.
  • Blue: You may be tempted to go for that cobalt, but if you have a light skin tone, navy is a fun option. In fact, it’s another that works especially well if you have a warm undertone. Navy goes so great on anyone’s skin tone, you can’t get it wrong.
Medium-Olive Skin Tones.
Medium skin tones vary—from a bronzy glow to olive—and that changes the colors you wear best depending on your undertone. However, these nail polish picks are universally flattering and gorgeous for your medium-toned complexions.
  • Nude: While those with very fair skin may lean towards something with a pinkish hint, medium skin can handle something that is a bit more beige - even a full-coverage yellow-based color.
  • Red: Orange-reds may reign your lipstick collection, but that shade can work well with your mani, too.  If you have a skin tone similar to Kim Kardashian, choose a red that has a pop of orange to it or something with gold undertones. A red with gold undertones will bring out your complexion’s natural glow.
  • Pink: Those with medium skin tones may find peachy-pinks especially flattering. Look for polishes that are sheer yet pigmented for a juicy, summertime-appropriate look.
  • Blue: While medium skin tones can do pastel blues, an intense sky blue is an even more flattering choice. Make sure that any shade you choose has enough pigment in it to really stand out next to your skin, especially if you have warm undertones.
  • Purple: Purple isn’t just taking over your eyeshadow palette; it turns out that purple polish is super versatile. Stay away from pastels with a white base and go towards something with more pigment, like a deep grape shade. 
Dark Skin Tones.
Complement your deep skin tone with nail polishes that offer a punch of high impact color. While every shade of lacquer looks amazing on dark skin, these are our picks for the very best shades.
  • Pink: Stay away from light, baby pinks. Make sure you’re really wearing pink - neons and bright fuchsias.
  • Purple: Deep skin tones can wear both pastel and dark purples equally well. So how should you narrow it down? Try a universal shade that holds a darker berry-tint to it.
  • Blue: Got the blues? It’s time to embrace the brightest, most intense cobalt shades, which will really stand out next to your skin. If you want to do a baby or heather blue, you need to make sure there isn’t too much of a white undertone to the formula.
  • Nude: When it comes to picking out the best nude for you, cream and beige nail polishes with sheer, jellylike formulas win again.
  • Red: While almost every red looks amazing with dark skin tones, Lippmann says that deep reds work well with darker skin tones and give “a slight variation.” Think full, rich shades that you might find in gemstones or a glass of amazing red wine.


  1. Thank you for the helpful information about how to choose the right shade of nail color. I have always wondered about hot to know how to choose the most flattering nail color for your skin.

  2. I love Nude nail polishes. thats very true Im a Medium Olive Skin Tone.

  3. I have always known that nail polish could look great on one person and the same polish not look so good on the next person and knew it had to do with their skin tone but have not run into information regarding this until now. Thanks for such a beneficial post.

  4. I love the Nude nail polishes since and I'm a Medium-Olive Skin Tone. I am going to try the Sky Blue next time I go for a manicure. Thank You for the tips.

  5. No wonder I like pinks and purples so much. This is a really cool article! Thanks for the useful information. :)


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