Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ally Answers - Fix Mascara Clumps

It seems like my mascara always dries out and gets clumpy long before the tube is empty.  Is there anything I can do? 

Ally:  Yes, there is!  Eventually every mascara dries out, especially if you pump your wand into the tube a causes it to dry out faster.  Instead, add a drop or two of Visine (or any over the counter eye drops) into the tube before you apply.  It will soften the liquid and get rid of the clumps!


  1. Genius! I have thrown away more mascara than I can count old and new because of this very problem!! I have a couple of them in my drawer right now. I have saline drops for contacts and am hoping that it will work. Fingers crossed and thanks!

  2. Ohhhh....visine? I would have never thought of that.

  3. I didn't know this either. Does it matter what type of drops? I know there are regular visine drops and then there are moisturizing visine drops.

    1. Regular drops work best, but any over-the-counter eye drops will work. It only takes a drop or two! Ally

  4. Wow, I have just been throwing them away, Thank you.

  5. Thank You for the tip! I just thought it was time to throw my mascara away! I will try this soon!


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