Saturday, August 1, 2015

Reuzel Pomades...New at BCC

To all of you old school gents and gals out there, meet Reuzel! Reuzel is Holland's finest pomades.  These pomades were created by the Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam at Schorem's Barber Shop. The Schorem barbers are an eclectic mix of  greasers, rockers, bikers, psychobillys, ruffians and other fine gentleman scumbags.  These barbers go above and beyond simple haircuts. They dedicate their lives to classic man styles like the butch, Flattop, Razor Fade and High and Tight. The Scumbag barbers don't follow trends, they stick to being absolutely perfect in cuts that have proven classy through all decades.

            The Ruezel pomades currently come in three different kinds. Each pomade looks "scummy" dirty, is tin and has the infamous pig smack in the center. Fun Fact! - Reuzel in Dutch actually means lard. So the hefty pig comes from its lard nature and because in the beginning of pomade the hold and texture came from pig lard. Don't worry though the pig is just for history - the pomades do not contain pig products, they are water, oil or beeswax based. Each pomade comes in three different sizes. The try it size, 1.3oz, the like it size, 4oz, and the love it size, 12oz.  The twist off tops can be lightly flimsy. The threads will bend so gentlemen BE GENTLE!

A huge pomade favorite that they make is their ReuzelGrease Heavy Hold. This pink can is perfect for the thick and unruly man. Use this pomade if you are looking to do styles like very tall pompadours or for all styles if you're sasquatch. This pomade comes out pretty easy for being a heavy hold pomade. It is not a ton of work but you can already feel some of the all-day hold it will have. The scent for this pomade is a light bubble gum which may sound slightly girly but we promise you it is NOT! One cool thing about this pomade is that when you rub it through your hands it feels more thick and creamy. Of course there is a little waxy-ness to it but not too much for a heavy hold. Many people who've tried this product said they were surprised at how easy it was to apply without compromising any hold.

Next on their list is the green piggy. The Reuzel Grease Medium Hold is really a medium to light hold. For the scent on this one people could not pin point it! We had multiple people smell it and while no one said it was bad, no one knew what it was. We got answers saying bubble gum, apple, melon, musk and more. Like the pink piggy this pomade is beeswax and oil based. We love this pomade because even though it is wax based there is not a bunch of tugging and pulling as you comb back the hair. The green tin has a medium amount of shine to it. One great thing with this pomade is second day styling. It is absolutely fantastic. Just a quick warning if you live in a super warm climate, this pomade may not be the best. It has been known to lose a little height in heat - it was created in the Netherlands.

Last, but definetly not least, is Reuzel's only water-based pomade. Being water-based this red tin says it will provide the most shine to your pomp. The "shine" is more of a wet look than traditional shine though. Still very attractive! Reuzel Water Soluble HighSheen does not dry or harden throughout the day, making restyling a breeze! This pomade gives such amazing control that it could cut down on your average style time and restyle time. Even though this pomade is great for restyling it still has a fairly strong hold. Don't underestimate red piggy! Reuzel says this pomade has a butterscotch scent. IRL, it kind of does. If you know it's butterscotch you can smell the butterscotch, if not it smells light and sweet.

There hace been so many different hypes and rumors about these pomades floating around. BCC believes each and every pomade Ruezel has made lived up to its hyped up image. Plus, if you ever happen to be in the Rotterdam area of the Netherlands,  go check out the world's best barbers!

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