Monday, August 31, 2015

Matrix Total Results

Here at Beauty Care Choices we are totally loving MatrixTotal Results total revamp. Everything from their new packaging to new products; Total Results is going to be everyone's total favorite! When switching to the new and improved Total Results the first thing to do is pick your line. Eight. That's how many lines Total Result has. That's a lot to consider. Beauty Care Choices wants to help you pick the absolute best line so we thought we give you the highlights on each line below!

Total Results Moisture Me Rich - If you are tired of fighting dry and dull hair then this is the line for you! This system will moisturize your hair up to 4x more than other leading brands! The line contains three products, a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment.  This line now packaged in a beautiful blue. Each product uses Matrix's Fiber Gloss Technology to seal moisture in to each part of the hair's structure.

Total Results High Amplify - Is your hair flat lining? Try High Amplify! This line is all inclusive - find your new favorite shampoo, conditioner and style mate within this one line. Boost your locks up to 35%! These products have been formulated with a little extra protein and no silicones! These products come in the happy sky blue bottles and the line was previously known as Total Results Amplify.

Total Results Curl Please - If beach-y waves, and springy ringlets are your preferred style then look no further than  Total Results Curl Please! Each one of these product contains jojoba oil to provide stunning bounce to each and every curl. The line still contains the three favorites from before plus a new friend.  Curl Please Contouring Lotion is a new curl lotion that provides your style with lasting definition, body and shine.  Total Results Curl Please will beautify your beauty station with their sexy green packaging.

Total Results Rock It Texture - Meet the new guy to the group! This system will fortify your hair with special grip polymers making your hair a cinch to style. Give your hair ultimate grip and texture that will be perfect for short styles, waves and care-free up-dos.

Total Results Hello Blondie - We all know that blondes have more fun. However they also have more upkeep for their hair! Total Results Hello Blondie can strengthen hair damaged by lightening processes. The line still contains the three classic products from before (shampoo, conditioner and the filler). Hello Blondie comes in - we bet you can guess it - bright yellow bottles! These products are formulated with chamomile extracts making them perfect for all blondes both warm and cool.

Total Results Mega Sleek - Say, "Hasta la Vista" to frizzy and unruly hair with Total Results Mega Sleek. This all-inclusive line is formulated with Shea butter to provide a beautiful and natural slip. When looking for the Mega Sleek line keep an eye out for the bright orange bottles.  Total Results new sleek friend is the Mega Varnish. This serum will provide your hair with superior shine, total frizz control, and absolutely no weight. It absorbs quickly into your hair to provide immediate style assistance and no oily residue.

Total Results So Long Damage - Are you ready to see up to 88% less breakage in your hair? Total Results So Long Damage, previously known as Repair, is formulated with additional ceramides. Ceramides assist in sealing the fish-scale like cuticle up and down the hair shaft.  This not only creates hair that won't break but will eliminate any frizz or unruliness due to damaged hair. Total Results So Long Damage also absorbed the Total Results Heat Resist line by adding the new Iron Tamer. So Long Damage covers the bright red section of the new Total Results rainbow.

Total Results Color Obsessed - Last but certainly not least is Total Results Color Obsessed. These gorgeous purple bottle are for anyone and everyone with colored hair. Color Obsessed is formulated with extra antioxidants to keep your salon vibrant color for an extra thirty-two washes! The star in this line up is Total Results Color Obsessed Miracle Treat 12. This product strengthens porous hair after salon services and creates instant silkiness. Watch as your hair becomes brighter and softer with every spray this VIP has to offer.

So after all is said and done, what color of the Total Results rainbow will you choose?

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  1. I have heard of Matrix before but haven't tried any of their products yet. However I have bookmarked the Total Results Curl Please - it looks like one that would really help me achieve my look.


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