Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tips for At-Home Waxing

Waxing your legs for the first time?  Had a bad experience when you tried?  We have some failsafe tips that will make your waxing experience easier and you will love the results.  Waxing keeps skin free from hair for much longer than shaving and doesn't leave you with stubble or razor burn.

There are many types of waxes you can use.   There is pot wax (Probably the most economical once you have the warmer) or easy to use roll-on wax kits, as well as waxes you heat in the microwave.  Pot wax Gigi 's Wax Warmer holds both 8 oz. and 14 oz. wax pots. You can also get hair removal strips that are pre-waxed.  Just peel and apply. They are great for lips and brows!

Before You Wax
  • Exfoliate with a sugar-based scrub. This prevents breakouts by removing dead skin around your hair follicles.
  • Clean the area with a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel or a pre-wax astringent. This will remove excess oil so wax sticks properly.
  • Before applying wax, pull skin taut. That makes it easier to remove the strip in one clean motion.
After You Wax
  • Remove leftover wax by dipping a cotton ball in baby oil and swiping it over the area. The oil lubricates your skin so residue will easily slip off.
  • If you've waxed your lip, don't use antiaging products for 24 hours. Freshly waxed skin is sensitive to the ingredients in these products.

Beauty Care Choices carries Gigi, Clean+Easy and Satin Smooth brand waxing products.

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