Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dustin Delivers...Johnny B Mode Styling Gel

I normally don't use hair gel, however, after trying Mode Styling Gel from Johnny B., I'll be sure to start.  I was immediately stunned by how quickly I was able to work the gel into my hair and how easily I was able to style it.  The product seemed to lock down the slicked back look I wanted and I never needed to mess with it after the initial styling.  I was genuinely surprised when I looked into the mirror at the end of the day, only to realize that my hair looked the same as it did that morning.  It washed out without the assistance of shampoo and my hair was back to normal.  Johnny B. "Mode" has definitely altered my opinion on hair gel and I'm sure going to keep it in my styling arsenal.  Overall, I'd highly recommend this gel for anyone who wants a product that holds a style great and provides a nice shine to your hair.

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