Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back to School Shopping? Include lice defense!

As the months of fun in the sun come to an end it is time we start to get backpacks ready. School is just around the corner. Excitement of new classes and teachers and friends hang in the air. Shopping for new crayons, notebooks, and folders is fun and a great way to get pumped up for the new year. However, as with most things there is always a cloud in the sky.

As kid's go back to school there is always a fear of head lice. Lice is an issue almost every child has had to deal with at one point in time. After a parent gets a call from the school confirming your child has lice, there is usually a moment of panic. Bag the toys! Buy new sheets! Shave their head! All of those reactions are overkill. Lice can only live for a few hours off of a human host. Passing lice via combs, hats and jackets rarely, if ever, happens.  Another myth is that over counter shampoos and treatments don't work.

While no treatment comes with a 100% guarantee, lice are not very resilient. The biggest reason for infectivity of shampoos and treatment are because people don't follow the instructions closely enough.  Retreating to soon can leave some eggs left to still hatch and treating to late means new eggs could already be laid.
Beauty Care Choices offers a variety of products to prevent lice. Circle of Friends Tea Tree Shampoo is gentle for kids and can be used every day. The smell of tea tree keeps those pests away. Original Sprout is a full line of shampoos, detanglers and soaps that all repel lice.  The Miracle Detangler is a BCC favorite! Perfect for everyday use this spray not only repels lice but makes brushing hair incredibly easy! Don't let lice get in the way of your perfect school year

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