Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ask Ally...What Eyebrow Product is best?

I love well-shaped eyebrows.  I think they really make a difference in how you look.  What is the best eyebrow product to use?  Jane P., Chattahoochee, TN

Ally:  The perfect eye brow product depends on the look you are trying to achieve or the problem you are trying to solve.  I've listed the three types of products below and how they are best used.  I hope this helps!

  • Pencils are good for minor touch-ups, like slightly making the tail of the eyebrow longer.  They are also easier to control.  Look for pencils with a spoolie brush on one end so you can brush your brows upward then blend the color through.  gloMinerals Precision Brow Pencil has a spoolie brush if you want a great pencil.
  • Powders require skills to apply...take a little time to practice so they appear natural.  Apply the powder with a stiff angled brush.  Powders can make your eyes look darker and give you a more dramatic look.  Powders aren't as forgiving as a pencil, but they're the best for getting a more defined brow.  I-Envy has an Eyebrow Kit with 2 eyebrow powders, 1 highlighter and 4 stencils so you can get the shape right. Includes an applicator and it's only $9.00.
  • Gels are good if you have enough brow hair and are happy with your existing shape.  They are essentially mascara for your brows.  Clear gels can hold the brow hair in place.  There are also tinted gels that can cover grey hairs and make eyebrows darker. PureBrow Gel by Jane Iredale has both clear and tinted colors.  $19.00.

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  1. Thanks for the help. I think that brow mascara is the answer for me. I never did my eyebrows until recently so I have a lot of learning to do.


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