Sunday, July 19, 2015

Applying False Lashes

Having full, dark lashes is everyone's dream.  If nature didn't accommodate you, you can still get them and they will look wonderfully natural if you follow these steps. It may take a couple tries, but once you master this easy application technique you'll have full, natural-looking lashes any time you want them.

Curl lashes  Apply a coat of mascara to make existing lashes cling together so you can see sparse areas where you should apply falsies.
Use individual lashes that come in 3-5 lashes per group.  The package should include a tiny bottle of glue and several small groupings of individual lashes.
Dab a small drop of the glue onto the back of your hand.
With slanted tweezers, grasp a single lash grouping, making sure the rounded ball base points away from you. Dip the base into the glue and wait 10 seconds for it to become tacky.
Starting at the outer corner of your eye, place a lash along your top lashline. Let dry for 10 seconds. Continue applying lashes (three to five more at most) inward until you've reached the center of your eye.

Beauty Care Choices sells both Ardell & I-Envy lashes.

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