Friday, July 31, 2015

Ally Answers...Skin Care Questions

I have tried so many moisturizers, but I still feel like my skin is always dry.  Why is nothing hydrating enough?  Lily P.

Ally:  You may not be using the lotion right.  Your skin should be damp when you apply a hydrator.  Hydrators act as a shield, trapping the water inside.  Right after you pat dry your skin, apply the lotion or cream.  You don't need to slather on a thick layer.  It is much better to smooth a small amount on damp skin that to use an entire bottle of lotion on skin that is already dried out.

My skin is very sensitive. I don't over-scrub, but is there anything else I can do when cleansing my face?  Julie

Ally:  Don't wash your face in hot water!  Hot water causes blood vessels to dilate.  Over time your capillaries break and your face stays red.  Use lukewarm water, then moisturize with a cream or lotion that has chamomile to sooth and caffeine which encourages blood vessels to constrict.

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  1. I don't wash with hot water but I have little "veins" that are visible all the time on my cheeks. I am going to get some lotion that you mentioned and see if that will help. Thanks for the advice!

  2. I have found that a serum applied before a moisturizer has been helpful.

  3. I know I am not suppose to shower in hot water but luke warm is too cold for me so I shower in warm water. As soon as I get out of the shower I pat myself down and put on my lotion.

  4. I try to put lotion on within the 3 min's of getting out of the shower. I never shower in hot water though


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