Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ally Answers...Chest Hair Dye & Rusty Water

Am 50 year old male, looking at coloring greying chest and body hair.  When using the pubic hair dye, will the chest/arm, pubic SKIN be colored as well???  All notations in any instructions I read about, say "avoid getting dye on skin", but it seems almost impossible to color chest hair without getting any dye on the chest skin itself...  Sorry to be so stupid about this, but I'm most certainly venturing into new territory. Thanks for any feedback.  Gary
Ally:  We don't think that is stupid at all! As amazing and advanced as Betty Beauty is, it may still color skin. However, the best thing to do is any skin that may accidentally get dyed but has zero hair is apply some petroleum jelly. It acts as a perfect barrier. For the rest of your skin, try not to heavily coat it, i.e. don't be super sloppy about it, but of course some is going to touch. Simply finish the dye as instructed and then after you've rinsed the hair, use soap and water to take the dye off your skin. Don't worry this will not rub off the dye on the hair. If you have any other questions please just ask!

I would like to know what kind of shampoo and conditioner to use, I have colored and highlighted hair. Live in the country where water is rusty but have a water softner and iron filter don't see rust but get a slight bit in toilet and shower, not much but still can notice a bit in my hair.  Diane

Ally:  I know a perfect product for you! Have you ever tried Malibu C Hard Water Shampoo and Conditioner? Or even the whole kit? They are safe on color treated hair, specifically formulated for hard water and are 100% Vegan (I know you didn't ask for that but it is still kind of cool right?). This set is also great during summer because it will help protect your hair from chlorine.   Another way you can go is with a color depositing shampoo. I only offer this up because it sounds like you are already filtering out your water pretty well. With that said,  this option is also more if your water is not drying your hair out at all and just lightly coloring. Tressa Watercolors comes in many different colors and all it will do is tone out the odd rust color you are seeing.

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