Friday, July 17, 2015

Ally Answers...Afraid of red lipstick

I love seeing someone wearing red lipstick.  It always looks so glamorous.  I have always worn pastel colors but want to go bold.  I'm just afraid it will make me look like a clown.  Any tips?  Nancy G., Harrisburg, PA

Ally:  When you are used to wearing soft shades, it can be startling to see yourself with bright red lips, but if you pick the right red shade, you're going to love it.

  • If you have light skin, go with a red shade that has a cool blue base.  It will enhance your rosy complexion.
  • If your skin is dark, make sure your red has a touch of brown to highlight the warm caramel hints in your skin.
  • For those who have a medium skin tone, try an orangey-red shade that will reflect well with the yellow undertones in your skin.
Here's a little application tip for red lipstick newbies:  paint on the color with a lip brush.  It helps you control the amount of color you're using so your look is more subtle.  Just dab the brush on to the tip of your lipstick.  Lightly sweep on your lips, working from the center out.

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