Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Stress...Away!

Summer can be three month of fun, sun & excitement. Kids are out of school, the sun heats up the sand and family vacations are abundant. Amidst all of this fun, stress can really start to build up. The stress of getting the kids to baseball, soccer and football. The stress of balancing work and play. Packing for camping trips & lake days, mowing lawns and taking care of gardens; each one takes its toll.  So how do you soothe away summer stress?

Here is what BCC unwinds with:

SpaRitual Close Your Eyes Organic Bath Salts - A bath can be the easiest way to relax. These bath salts are made with Geranium. Geranium is an essential oil;  fantastic for balancing hormones, relieving stress and even reducing blood pressure.  When  you are done with your bath, skin will be soothed and softened. Plus, the lovely aroma will have you relaxed inside and out. This is not a salt to use in the morning. It has so many soothing and relaxing qualities that you will have a hard time not closing your eyes. Great for after a long day of running around.

Earthly Body 3-in-1 Suntouched Candles - This natural soy candle comes in ten different aromas. Lavender is the most well-known scent for relaxation. To switch things up you may want to try Naked in the Woods. The clean woodsy smell is enhanced with pine oil. Pine oil is one of the most amazing aromas for the body. It elevates mood and is thought to possibly improve memory. After you are done smelling the beautiful aroma blow out the flame. Use the melted candle to treat you(or have your partner treat you) to a relaxing and hydrating massage.  Avocado is infused into each candle to leave your skin extra soft after use.

Body Drench Stress Relief French Lime Basil BodyLotion - This lotion is very unique. It is a fresh and new take on stress relief aromas. Instead of simply relaxing the mind and body, it also uplifts spirits.  The lime essential oil is said to cleanse and revitalize the soul.  As an added bonus lime essential oil has been proven to help varicose veins! Basil is known to provide relief to fatigued and aching muscles that stress may cause.  This highly moisturizing lotion will hydrate skin after the sun and release your senses from stress.

La Fresh Instant Body Soother Wipes - Traveling can stress out even the strongest of us. These individually wrapped wipes are compact and will fit in any bag, purse or wallet.  For whatever ails you, one wipe can help.  Have a migraine from being asked "Are we there yet?"  Wrap two fingers in the wipe and rub slow circles on your temples while breathing deeply. In moments allow the six natural oils to relieve and lift. Repeat this process anywhere on your body you need it.  The infused peppermint oil will not only relax your muscles but can also improve your mental focus.

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